International Career Transitions should be Fun again

Angie WeinbergerFlavia Augusta de Almeida’s dream for “alegria” started when she moved to Switzerland with her family. She had worked with many companies as an architect around the globe. It was next to impossible to find a job in Basel. Her husband had made a great career transition and worked in a large pharmaceutical company now. Their child had adjusted well but Flavia needed a new challenge. Despite her love for architectural design, she decided to start “alegria“. Read Flavia’s full story and our interview here.

Most international career transitions are hard. The move was stressful. Your new house  is too expensive. Your spouse is unemployed. One of you shows signs of addiction. The other one gained a lot of weight over the last six months in this country. Your neighbors complain about your noise level. You feel overwhelmed with your new job. Your kids find it difficult to make new friends and your spouse wants to leave you for good. You are asking yourself if the career transition to another country was worth the pain.

Do international career transitions have to be like this?

No. I don’t think so. My name is Angie Weinberger. I am the founder, owner and main contact at Global People Transitions GmbH.

I believe that you can have a great experience when you move to a new country.

I believe that you can find work you care about – no matter where you are.

I believe that companies can improve their international assignments.

Do you want to know why I started Global People Transitions? Read it here!

Shall we discuss this further in person?

I’m a big fan of writing but in order to understand your personal story it is a lot better if we continue this conversation in person. Thanks to modern technology we can continue this conversation via Skype if you are not based in Switzerland. If you are in Zurich or Basel we can even meet in person.

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 What do I do?

1) I help international professionals to find work they care about.

2) I help global leaders to improve global team performance through global competency.

3) I work with Global Mobility Professionals to improve their consulting and communication skills.


How do you get in touch with me?

I am on Social Media such as LinkedIn but the best way to connect with me is via I get rather busy during the week and I prioritize my clients so if you want to speak to me it is best if you set up a Skype or personal meeting.

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Are you looking for a new job in a market you don’t really understand or in which you have zero network?

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What is the Global People Club?

The Global People Club is a community of international professionals and former clients who wish to continue the discussion about all topics related to an international career. You find our group on Facebook and you automatically become a member once you sign up to our Club Sandwich.

Are you looking for a facilitator for a global or project team building event?

We are in the process of hiring further consultants, coaches, and trainers. Don’t be shy. Contact us for larger programs too. We don’t bite and we are only charging you after you signed a contract with us. My special focus is on global team performance improvement. I am also happy to work with project teams.

Are you looking for speakers on intercultural communication, global career development or global mobility?

While I can cover most of these topics I also have a large network of experts I can recommend in this field. My preference is a request by email with a clear indication of what you need, when and if this is a paid or unpaid talk

Have I answered all of your initial questions?

I know that websites do not always answer all of our questions when we are in a state of confusion and overwhelm. Please reach out to me if you need more support or if I can help you make sense of your current situation. Even one coaching conversation can often lead to more clarity. Email me to