How to find a job in Switzerland #6: Five tips for making recruiters want you

Tips GPT_7Saving your last francs?Recruiting and dating have a lot in common.

The initial stage is all about making the other person want to meet you. So when you write that cover or motivation letter your target should be that the other person likes you.

You want to be interesting enough so that they want to know more about you (here: read your résumé or curriculum vitae). In dating you just want them to message or call you.

The cover letter is an appetizer and the CV is the main course. (No further comparison to dating here).

Now imagine you are on your first date and your counterpart tells you for half an hour how great he or she is. Rather boring right? You zoom out of the conversation and wish for a call from your best friend so you can run away from the restaurant / bar / club. Maybe you know how recruiters often feel. They want to eat their desks.

So what could you do to make the conversation more interesting?

Many recruiters I know are rather old-fashioned. They would like to see you made an effort to get that interview. (Same with your potential date. She or he does not want to get an automated message from your twitter account.)

Tip #1: Be personal! Use the correct name of the recruiter instead of Sir or Madam. Make sure you also spell names of references correctly. Be respectful and address recruiters formally.

Tip #2: Be perfectionist! Make the letter appealing and nice looking by using one font only and adhering to normal letter writing style in the country you are applying to. Avoid copy and paste. Check that you did not use the wrong company name or contact person. It helps to read the letter out loud.

Tip #3: Improve your style! Write a sample letter that you can adapt to the recruiter and the target company. Get the sample letter reviewed by a pro. Make sure it represents you. Use active language and full but short sentences.

Tip #4: Change into their perspective! Speak about the needs of the other party before you speak about your needs. Be brief and stick to maximum of one page. Five paragraphs are sufficient.

I know you cannot handle more. That’s why I am only giving you these four tips now.

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