FlyMe! Enhance your Career in Global Mobility

Global Mobility, Digitalization, Urbanization, Outsourcing and generational preferences have brought changes in how we will define Global Mobility in the next 20 years.
Automation, business transformation and the gig economy challenge our approaches to global talent management, leadership development and life planning.
What we assumed about pensions, family structures, migration, health and security in mobility policies is deconstructed by our realities.
These fundamental changes do not only have an impact on our policies and assignees. They also shape our role, our profession and how we define our work. Some of us saw it coming.

Now, the Global Mobility Profession is ready for take-off. How do you feel about it as a member of our cabin crew?


Why you should consider the FlyMe! Program

  • Are you an HR or Global Mobility Professional?
  • Would you like to get improve your knowledge and skills?
  • Would you like to become a better consultant?
  • Would you like to improve your professional standing and network?
  • Would you like to be more effective in intercultural communication?

Are you confronted with these career challenges?

  • Moving from being a transactional bus bee to being a recognized consultant,
  • Suffering from imposter syndrome, fear of failure, perfectionism and other symptoms of fear especially common among female GM Professionals,
  • Building effective professional relationship,
  • Balancing work and personal life and staying healthy in a 24/7 environment,
  • Negotiating across cultures and for promotions, talent programs and other incentives,
  • Knowing when to move on and finding a new role in this niche market,
  • Deciding about a role in another country,
  • Losing a job due to outsourcing and general industry trends.

FlyMe! Enhance your career in Global Mobility.

Join the long-established FlyMe! Program consisting of one initial goal setting meeting via Skype or at our coaching lounge and nine one-hour consulting sessions covering your specific career challenges.
You decide how to follow up with tasks; there will be exercises to complete in between sessions.
Depending on your goals, Angela Weinberger spends time preparing for and following up on each session.
Angela also connects you to relevant contacts in her personal and professional network.

Email to arrange your first meeting.

How does FlyMe! work?

Step #1: We kick off the FlyMe! Program with a goal-setting session.

Step #2: We will discuss and agree a coaching agreement.

Step #3: We will work on your goals.

Step #4: We will help you expand your network.

Step #5: We will train you in aspects of consulting.


We are proud to offer you FlyMe!, your ticket to your next career goal.

Email to arrange your first meeting.