The Global Career Workbook
A hiking guide for jobseekers

GCWBWe are a sum of all of our journeys, and we are beyond them, too.

The Global Career Workbook was born of necessity.

In 2012 when I started Global People Transitions, I had ample experience in Human Resources and a certification as a coach. I was ready to tackle the Global Mobility world as an Intercultural Career Advisor but I could not find any suitable books to work with Clara, Ana, and Shane, my first clients.

Clara moved to Basel in 2012 from the UK. Her husband had received a very good job offer, and together they decided that a move would be beneficial. Clara was not aware that her degree in child psychology would not be recognized in Switzerland, and she was surprised to learn that she would have to learn German before she could continue with her career. After one year in Basel, she felt rather useless and depressed.

Dr. Ana Fidelio is a chemist with a Ph.D. from Portugal. Like many expat spouses, she came to Basel with the employment offer of her husband. Dr. Fidelio is specialized in Clinical Trials, Regulatory Affairs, and Pharmacovigilance. She has five solid years of work experience, no children, and sees herself as a “career woman”. She did not expect to be unemployed for nine months in Switzerland. She also did not expect that she would have to send out forty applications.

Shane came here from the UK with his wife. Shane was a successful social media project manager in London. Here he was unemployed for two years despite his best professional efforts to find freelance work.

Clara, Ana and Shane were desperate. It broke my heart to see all of this potential sit at home.

I developed training material, wrote blog post after blog post and drafted exercises for self-directed learning. With all this experience and all the tools, I want to help more internationally mobile managers, dual-career couples, and scientists. You should be able to improve you job search success when following all the exercises and when you take my advice.


“We are a sum of all of our journeys, and we are beyond them, too…“ The Global Career Workbook uses hiking the Swiss mountains as a metaphor for learning the skills required to find a job in a country where you have zero networks and where your skill set and resume might not be understood. #GCWB

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