GlobalMobility #6 – “Global Mobility”: an international taxi service – what else?
...more than relocation...
…more than relocation…

When you enter Global Mobility into Google search, one of the top results is for an international chauffeur service. This of course has little to do the kind of global mobility advisory services we offer. The term global mobility is quite broad and covers international relocation, household goods shipping and a specialized function in human resources.

In the olden days it was also called “HR International” but that term became a bit out-dated when HR departments globalized. Now “Global Mobility” is the equivalent of the group that handles your international staff transfers together with a wide network of third-party providers. In an increasing number of large companies Global Mobility also deals with international local hires, international project workers and business travellers.

Today’s global mobility professionals are “GM Specialists”,  “GM Consultants” or “GM Managers” depending on their years of experience and volume of assignments. They are knowledgeable in immigration, tax, social security and employment law. They also need a good grasp of psychological skills. Not only do they need to be strong at sourcing the right candidates and developing the talents of an organization. They also have to manage an ever-increasing network of service providers. Sometimes they consult “trailing spouses” as well. In addition, GM Professionals must have a high intercultural competency when dealing with counterparts across the globe, be good at organizing and be cost effective.

We assume that companies with a professional Global Mobility service will often have a higher employee engagement and better performance ratings of their expats and international local hires especially in the first year of assignment.

Why do we think that?

You (the expat) want to focus on the new job assignment and getting it done right. You can hardly support your partner with finding a job or starting the children at their new international school. Facilitating the organization of the assignment and helping with the adjustment is the role of Global Mobility.

If you, your family or your company could use the expertise of a global mobility professional, please contact us. We also welcome your experience.

Thank you,

Angie Weinberger

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