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According to the leading Dubai business setup company, when it first launched its firm and started delivering the services, the workers felt some kind of a communication gap between them and the clientele. Soon they reached out to the different promotion and marketing trends and witnessed the progress of the firm with their own eyes. This along with other researchers on the subject of digital marketing suggests that 76% of the people think that marketing has evolved more in the previous two years that it did over the past fifty years.

With the prevailing trend of digital marketing, it is seen that the demand for the digital marketers and more and more new trends are escalating as well. This puts us under the impression that a dire need of discussing the digital marketing importance over career growth is required and so we have gathered the relevant information on the topic.

An overview of the digital marketing trends:

It was long seen that the paper publications and advertisement were the only means to promote and advertise the business brand/ products but, the advent of modernized technology has completely changed the style of marketing. Digital marketing is the center of attention these days. It spreads the information and updates on the online platforms and keeps a check on its progress. From enhancing the conversion rates for sales to the promotion of relevant niche and content, the use of mobile apps, electronic billboards, artificial intelligence and the presence of Big Data analysis has converted the digital platform into a more effective one.

The customer client relationship is managed over the online social media networks and is improving day by day with the 24/7 service provided by the business brand.

Why choose digital marketing trend as a career option?

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The prediction that the number of digital job requirement will go high up to 150,000 by 2020 has open gates for a lot of graduates and skilled marketers. They are eager to embark upon their professional career as the best digital marketer. Here are the main reasons why considering digital marketing as a career can be beneficial:

  • The competition among the business brands on the online platform in term of customer relationship management and customer engagement is increasing. For an industry to enhance their approach they need innovative digital marketers and so showing your creative talent in this field can help you reach the sky.
  • The salary appraisal is on the run for digital marketers and in the coming years with the more advanced trends, all you need is to be up-to-date to earn higher.
  • Business brands intend to invest in the latest trends and digital marketing is the very latest among all.

Thus, with the fact established that the demand of digital professionals is increasing; here are the few courses you need to go through to become the best in your field.

Digital marketing courses and ways in which they turn the tables around for a skilled marketer:

Wondering how to become better at your job? Here are the things you really need to do in order to achieve your goals.

Enroll your name into a digital marketing course!

Eligible for the course: Undergraduates, Graduates, MBA (Marketing)

Professionals who can do it: Marketing professionals, business development executives

About the course:

It is for sure that getting an education in the right direction helps in achieving the objectives and enhances the personal skills. Thus, with this course, you’ll be able to excel in digital marketing tricks and techniques.

It revolves around the basics and advanced knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), email marketing and search engine marketing (SME).

Outcomes of the course:

  • Understanding the concept of digital marketing and how it can be used for betterment of the brand
  • Become capable of practicing with the best tools and technologies
  • Plan and manage the entire digital marketing budget and strategies
  • Invest time in affiliate marketing, social media marketing, email marketing
  • Work in order to increase the return on investment of the brand
  • Uplift the number of customers buying the brand

The digital marketing is here to stay and if you expect to earn big in your marketing career, it’s high time you upgrade your knowledge to the rank of digital marketing. The career growth graph seems to go high every year and there is no time soon that you’ll regret your decision of investing in the digital field.


Author Bio: Brenda Cagara 

Brenda Cagara is presently working with business consultants in Dubai. During her five-year writing career, she has written on almost every niche. Her capabilities lie in producing fine writing pieces on business, finance and taxation niches. Brenda’s work is related to helping offshore Dubai company formation and business setup services to clients who are interested. She also deals with bank account opening, visa processing, trade license, trademark, local sponsors and product registration.


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Do you remember the last time you actually closed down your computer only to realize how many open documents and unfinished business you have? Or do you remember the five new business books you ordered from Amazon and when you wanted to dive into them after the first few pages you got a call and then, did you follow up on that?

I laugh at myself when I look through old diaries or notes that I have taken 10 years ago or even longer. I see that my essential challenges are still the same. They boil down to finances, back pain and imposture syndrome. On a bad day, I will probably fall into the trap of telling myself the same story all over again. I also notice that nowadays when I maintain my weekly “sanity rituals” I get out of that self-talk with my inner monster Gollum a lot faster. (I decided to call my inner critic “Gollum” because deep down inside I believe that I am Bilbo Baggins’ granddaughter.)

Do you still believe that it is the agenda and influence of your manager, the loud colleague from the other end of the open plan office or your wife that stop you from completing projects?

On the surface, it is easy to blame others for what we don’t do or don’t achieve. I find it wonderful to use the “I cannot afford it” excuse in order not to invest in my education or in new clothes for example.

When you say “I do”, how can you keep yourself on track?

Here are four approaches to improve your commitment to projects that are important to you.

1) The Engineering Approach

  • Prioritize your projects with an easy classifier such as ABC.
  • Set a deadline for the overall completion.
  • Break down the projects into milestones.
  • Write a project plan that breaks down every milestone into a task and plan time for completion.
  • Do it and tick off every achievement on a daily basis.


2) The People Approach

  • Visualize the end result and paint a detailed picture of it.
  • Add post-it notes of people you see connected to this end vision.
  • Consider which role they will play in your end vision.
  • Reach out to them and let them know that you need their help.
  • Find two commitment buddies who will check in with you on your success and report to them on a weekly basis.


3) The Agile Approach

  • Focus on one project at the time
  • Pick the one that has the highest lever for you.
  • Work from the bottom up by defining what you would like to achieve in the next three weeks (“sprint”).
  • Spend 80% of your work time on this sprint.
  • Then take a week of reflection, check what worked and what didn’t and take a long weekend off.


4) The No-Pain, No-Gain Approach

  • Pick a skill that you would like to have and that you always avoid.
  • Invest an incredible amount of money in order to force yourself to commit (an example could be a personal trainer to follow your fitness routine, or an MBA or a course in Excel).
  • Tell your mother about it and see what happens.


I would suggest that you try to work with the approach that speaks to you most. Whichever approach you take you will probably notice that you are committing yourself to DOING rather than just THINKING ABOUT DOING.

What I’ve thought about before writing this was that I would like to share a secret with you. I took an important decision for next year. I’ve applied to a Masters programme in “International Human Resource Management and Global Mobility”. While the thought of spending two intensive weeks with GM Professionals from around Europe totally excites me, I also feel anxiety creeping in as I have graduated back in 97 and universities have changed a fair bit since then. It’s one thing to teach in a program and another to actually go through it yourself. I’m also considering an additional coaching education that will require funding and time. Imagine me running my business and doing a double degree in one year. I’m taking a mix of a no-pain, no-gain approach and a people approach here. Step 1 completed.

Have an inspired week!


It’s 6.05 AM and you are just getting out of the shower… Your hair is toweled up and you light two candles. You get into your meditation pose and close your eyes. Then you realize that you have not set your alarm. So you get up and get your phone from the bathroom where you were reading an interesting article about the entrepreneur scene and crowdfunding in Europe. Then you see that you have three new messages on WhatsApp…

At 8 AM you realize that your freakin’ late and you hardly remember to take the train ticket, your badge, your purse and sunglasses and whoosh – you’re out of the door. You remember the candles, open the door again, blow them out and while you run to catch the train you think: “Didn’t I plan to meditate?”

Sounds familiar?

We have too many distractions nowadays (oh no…I overcooked the pasta while writing this) that I often wonder how people get any work done at all. Have you ever caught yourself in the last 24 hours thinking “What am I actually doing right now?”. We have programs and routines and they do not seem to require the same brain activity as real challenges and often we are just keeping busy but our output is not really that relevant.

I saw several people walking on their Sunday stroll the other day and they all talked to someone on the phone via a headset. They did not just get a call. They planned to use their walking hour to speak to someone. I sometimes combine routine activities with other activities too. For example, I would watch a video or even better was to listen to a podcast while ironing. It works really well to combine such activities. However, it does not help me in order to create. I prefer to mono-task and give my full attention to the task even if it seems mundane. I want to give my brain time to reflect and digest the input it receives during the week (and believe me there’s a lot of input).

If you are a freelance consultant, coach or business owner or if you constantly feel that you are not getting enough important stuff done, here’s a tip.

1) Write down how you spend your time by using a “Have-Done-List”

I find the easiest way to do this is by having a notebook (old-school) next to my laptop or computer which just serves for this purpose (and other crazy ideas running through my head). You can add anything on this list that you have done during that day even this: “Sat down on a bench and enjoyed the sunshine in my face.”

2) Go through RockMe! to reflect your success on a weekly basis

In our coaching programs, we make weekly reflections a mandatory process. 15 minutes per week and you will be amazed how much more you achieved than you thought. The thing is that if I don’t gently encourage you to do this you’d rather spend those fifteen minutes watching cat videos (or in my case silly movies).

Let me know what you experienced once you maintained a Have-Done-List for five days. Have a great Monday!

Kind regards,

Angie Weinberger

PS. In other news here are five job apps worth checking out.

PPS. More ideas how you can reclaim your diary are here.

When you want to drive in the fast lane and get into a traffic jam on the German autobahn on a Friday afternoon it can feel like a bonding experience among a nation dedicated to the speed of travel. On the radio, the announcer only always referred to the “long traffic jams”. They did not even have the time to mention the shorter ones. It took me seven hours to get from Frankfurt to Zurich, including a break, and alternative options such as train and airplane seemed to be even more complicated.

I’m telling you this because I felt that driving on the German autobahn is a metaphor for our current lives. We rush everywhere and try to squeeze more into every small hole of time. When we get a chance to have a zip of water or eat a good dinner we are still driving in our heads. We already think about the next meeting, presentation or of water or eat a good dinner we are still driving in our heads. We already think about the next meeting, presentation or client.

With all of our tools, apps, and navigation devices we give up control over our lives. We put it into the hands of technology and robots, and most of us lost touch with what really matters to us. During the drive, my colleague and I had rain, a huge rainbow, a sunset in France with dark clouds over Germany. We had a productive conversation and solved issues of work and life together, and we laughed about the craziness of our modern life.

I was tired and just wanted to get home. When I finally arrived, I had a good chat with a client, who just had a successful interview and when I hung up, I went to the kitchen, made a cup of tea and thought about this drive. Was it worth the pain? Am I feeling clogged with my overflowing task list and more and more passwords, email accounts, and queries from left and right? What helped and what can I learn from this?


Persistent Patience and Weekly Reflections

Right now we all move from Monday to Sunday, achieve our most important priorities at work, waste a lot of time trying to sort out tech and admin and then we rush into a weekend full of plans and ideas, and around 5 pm on a Saturday we just want to open a bottle of wine but we still have to run to the shops, wash our clothes, iron them, cook dinner, buy presents, support our children, see our families and so but we still have to run to the shops, wash our clothes, iron them, cook dinner, buy presents, support our children, see our families and so on.

We could get exhausted and burn out. Many managers do.

If you shift your attention to the beauty you will notice that at the end of the day what matters are the relationships you build, the humans you spend your offline time with and that you cherish the fact that you are alive. When you take note of the five or six-layered rainbow, the painted sunset and the colors of a canola field, then you gain hope. When you remember to breathe and drink sips of water, then you stay hydrated and fresh. When you intentionally give 1€ because the toilet cleaner is a woman and not a machine and she wishes you a good journey and a wonderful weekend, then your heart might beat a bit faster.

And when you are thankful for snuggling next to your hubby and when you know that you make a small difference in another person’s life, then you know that the ride is worth it.

Kind regards,


Fall is here. The summer days are over. Sunflowers turned brown and you have started to turn on the lights in the morning again. When you get home from work, you don’t want to sit outside anymore as you can feel the chill. Apples are ripe for harvest and the smell of onion pie and early wine hangs in the air. This is how I remember the early fall.

With the fall and the feeling of being back in school again we also want to get back into performance mode. We are inclined to activate our inner driver and work toward the end of Q3 with passion. Over the summer I have been brooding over a new program and further developments for Global People Transitions. One of the recognitions I had is that it is really hard to relax nowadays. It is so easy to fall back into reading emails or to say “I’ll check my emails while I am away.” It is difficult not to be tempted to check social media. I tried it this summer holiday and it felt wonderful. I was reminded of an article Caitlin Krause wrote a while back and I thought I’d dig it out for you.

During the holidays I also tried to maintain my weekly “RockMe!” routines as well as I could. Some of my daily goals only work with a good Internet connection. Some require that I am in Zurich but most of my weekly habits are easy to follow through anywhere. If you are struggling to define those (or if you haven’t even started), I would encourage you to define weekly goals that you can achieve no matter where you are. An example could be a daily walking target, a daily relaxation exercise or keeping your work space and personal space clean of clutter. Even though it’s not spring I would like to share this post with you again.

Let me know how you will set your weekly targets and if you will join RockMe! (until 30 Sept 2017 you can join the group free of charge).


Kind regards,