Why you should consider the GrowMe! Programme

  • Are you considering to start your own business or have you already started?
  • Would you like to get started with your long-term dream or vision?
  • Would you like to find your ideal clients (the ones you love to work with)?
  • Would you like to balance work with the other parts of your life?
  • Would you like to have more financial resources to accomplish your dreams?

How does GrowMe! work?

Step #1: We kick off the GrowMe! Programme with a goal setting session.

Step #2: We will discuss and agree a coaching agreement.

Step #3: We will work on your goals.

Step #4: We will help you expand your network.

Step #5: We will work on your Social Media strategy and action plan.

GrowMe! Work only with your ideal clients. 

GrowMe! consists of the goal setting session and nine hours of individual coaching. Meetings are held in our Coaching Lounge in Zurich or on Skype. Email to agree your first meeting.