Have you considered a writing career? – Three ideas how to get started in Switzerland
...are needed everywhere these days.
…are needed everywhere these days.

Are you one of those settled professionals who suddenly had to get out of the last job? Did you love to write as a high school senior but figured a career in journalism would take too many years of crafting the art?

Maybe this is the time in your life when you want to get back into the habit.

Why would you want to get out of your current job and start a writing career?

1)   you could not handle frustrating meetings any longer,

2)   there was a constant clash of your values with their values,

3)   parenthood completely overwhelmed you,

4)   or your partner got a wonderful –it-was-always-my-dream-to-move-to Switzerland-Singapore-Santa Barbara-kind of job offer and you are in a new country without a professional network.


Four signs you feel the urge to develop your creative side

1)   You neglected writing in order to earn a living but you always journal in your holidays.

2)  You did not know you were more creative than others until a psychologist told you in a development center.

3)   You are bored and need to do more than painting your nails, cooking and washing clothes.

4)   You are going through a transition and that triggers the urge to WRITE, PAINT, SING, PLAY THE PIANO…


Your writing could become a new source of income for you. You will probably not land a bestseller over night but even publishing a book has become rather easy in the age of kindle desktop publishing and smashwords. It is important that you have the skill of language composition and you know basic grammar. I don’t think you need a diploma in writing though (unless you want to become a literary fiction writer).

Three ways to become a writer in Switzerland

#1 Guest Blog

You could guest blog for “Hello Switzerland” for starters or submit your articles to www.ezinearticles.com. They also have good writing tips there.




#2 Join a community of writers

Zurich has a great community of writers and independent authors and there is a lot to learn.






#3 Educate yourself with a good mentor

If you need a kick in b… I recommend you read Jeff Goins’ blog. He is a motivator for aspiring writers and authors.


What’s your experience with blogging and writing?

Please share with your best friend.



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