We developed the HireMe! program to help all the globally mobile professionals to find work in a market that they are not familiar with.

This is a program that will help you accelerate and improve your job search. We have worked with over 100 clients and most of them claim that our program helped them be more effective in their job search.

Everyone said, that our program helped them to feel more confident and more at ease in their new cultural environment.

When you should consider the HireMe! program:

  • Do you feel you are wasting your energy doing the wrong things for too long?
  • Are you qualified to Bachelor or Master level but lack significant experience in the field you are aiming at?
  • Are you shy and have a hard time with networking?
  • Do you spend too much time at home feeling useless and depressed?
  • Have you been writing more than 50 applications and did not even get invited to an interview?

What do we do?

Step #1: We assess your professional situation and set your three goals for the program.

Step #2: We brand you as a professional classical style and online.

Step #3: We adapt your resume and online presence to your brand and the target culture.

Step #4: We teach you the skills you need to find a job nowadays.

Step #5: We improve your network together.

What do you get?

The program consists of one target setting meeting plus nine hours of individual coaching.

You will get a free copy of “The Global Career Workbook” for the program.

Meetings are held in our Global People Club Lounge, Hedwigsteig 6 in Zurich, Switzerland.

If you live too far to travel we can offer the coaching via Skype / Google Hangout.

Book your first session with Angela Weinberger here.