How to find a job in Switzerland #7: Finding your pace

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Once you understand how to adapt your  application strategy to Switzerland you might feel frustrated by the amount of rejections you have received to date. Many of my clients are very eager in the beginning of their job search and after about four months reality of the Swiss job market hits them.
Additionally we are currently facing a lot of redundancies* which is knew for most Swiss employees.

This month I advise many clients to focus on one or applications per week but make them perfect. I think you can only stand out if you follow these four principles. I am sharing these with you today because I want to make you feel more motivated in your job search.

1) Stand out of the crowd by using your network

Use your network to follow up on your application or to support your application. Many HR processes in Switzerland are very standardized. It is usually necessary that you apply through a website first. However, you can ask your contacts in the company to follow up and support your application. This way the recruiter will be more inclined to take a closer look.

2) Have a perfectly branded motivation letter and résumé

I have previously written about how to write a good motivation letter. With résumé I advise you to seek a coach or consultant if you are not sure how to brand yourself. Most of my clients cannot tell me who they are professionally. We usually work that out within the first month of our cooperation. Once you know what you are good at you need to brand it in a way that is easily understood. This is not so easy but it can be done.

3) Less is more

Only apply to roles where you fulfill the criteria. Be honest to yourself. Then write on a piece of paper what you like about the company. On a second piece of paper note why you would like to work in this role. Based on these notes write a new motivation letter from scratch. This way you will avoid the copy and paste taste many motivation letters have.

4) Patience is beautiful

The recruiters are under a lot of pressure to make the right choice so be patient and nice with them. If you follow up wait for three weeks before doing so. If you follow up over the phone ensure they have time to understand who you are. Try to connect with the person by being friendly and professional.

What is your experience of the current job market? 


End of Series: 

With this article I am ending my series on “How to find a job in Switzerland“.

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*If you are an international assignee or expat who moved here on a local contract and are concerned about redundancy you might want to participate in one of our workshops “Tough Times in the Land of Cheese and Chocolate“:

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