Investing in You #2: Overcome Denial By Believing In Yourself

Don't limit yourself by your beliefs and negative associations.

Confronting challenges is hard for anyone – no matter how prepared or not one is. Take recent university graduates for example. As they enter the professional workplace for the first time, they come with all the best and newest information available in their fields, but are challenged by how to apply this information in a real life setting. Self-confidence can drop as feelings of insecurity increase. Women tend to be more susceptible than men to feeling discouraged and often blame themselves when things go wrong. The fact is we all make mistakes; we just don’t all fess up to them. Don’t let the self-disabling belief that you aren’t good enough or are under-qualified hold you back. Believing in yourself is key to overcoming denial and achieving your goals.

Most of my professional life I’ve wanted my own coaching and consulting company. As early as 1996 I had the dream of starting my own business and in 1999 I even recorded my desire in my diary. Over the years I remained dedicated to my dream despite the setbacks and challenges I had to face. After all that patience and hard work, my husband and I have set-up Global People Transitions GmbH, a limited liability company in Switzerland in 2010 to serve global people in intercultural transitions through consulting, coaching and training. First we started to run the business part-time and when my husband got a full-time role I finally took the leap and left my corporate role (and financial security) to run the business full-time. My main challenge was (and sometimes still is) my own fear of failure. Once I got over that fear through a lot of coaching and encouragement from people like my former boss Michaela who believed in me I knew that I could tackle every challenge, one day at a time. Now, I find my work and life even more rewarding and do a lot of projects I never dreamt of doing a few years back.

Believe in yourself, follow your dream and in that moment of truth, stand-up for what you believe in. If you feel no one believes in you, we should arrange to meet. I can help you see your potential, encourage you to believe in yourself and teach you how to regain the strength you need to go on.  

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