Sick of being a drama queen? Three easy steps to get the life you want
...that's what you wanna be.
…that’s what you wanna be.

Are you a natural born drama queen? Do you constantly have ups and downs. Do men go crazy around you because you freak out and break into tears for the tiniest reasons? Do they want to protect you?

Or have you finally found your dream partner but keep on fighting and arguing the whole day. Has your sex life come to a standstill? Well, you might excuse your behavior with your personality while holding one hand to your imaginary crown. I can hear you sigh “Oh, my life is sooo hard. Men are never what they promise to be”. Maybe the other bad guy or girl in your life is your boss, mother, father, sister…there is usually someone else you blame for your misery.

Sista, let me tell you one thing: You are delusional. You are the sole producer of the drama in your life. Your actions and your endless need for being loved drive you. Believe me.

What can you do to get out of this cycle?

1)   Reality Check:

Take a day to analyze where you stand at the moment. You might need to get honest feedback for this analysis (Your BFFs won’t give you any honest feedback. Speak to a pro.)

2)   Draw a vision:

With colors (and good music) paint a picture of your future self in one year from now.

3)   Plan milestones:

Look at your pictures and plan 12 milestones (one per month) on how you wish to achieve your vision.

Try it. Feel free to share.


PS: If you are Swiss or German you may add more details up to 53 targets are fine

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