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Sometimes I speak to people who want to go abroad and I am wondering why. They seem to have so many anxieties around moving and leaving their home that I almost feel bad when we are sending them to another country.

It might be important before you move your family across the globe to question your motives a little.

  • Do I want to move abroad to escape my boss?
  • Am I fed up with the fact that I still have not been promoted?
  • Do I see more chances for career advancement when I have lived abroad?
  • Will it save my marriage?
  • Will the assignment give me a better work-life balance?

If you have answered one of those 5 questions with a yes you might have overloaded the assignment with your high expectations already. An assignment abroad is usually stressful, strains your marriage / partnership, does not necessarily help you progress in your career faster, does not help you to get promoted and the worst: Your boss abroad is even more annoying than the one you had at home.

Does this sound bad or realistic? Does it resonate with some of your own experiences?
All the best