Take A Walk – When you feel that your relationships are breaking down

by Angie Weinberger

When your life is stuck and you feel like you are not moving ahead running in a rat race it might be time to take a walk. In my 1:1 coaching sessions I use different methods to connect your left-brain activity with the other side. The right brain is often neglected once we enter the corporate world and most of my clients work in fields that adhere more to the left brain. These are mostly scientific and academic roles, often narrow and defined through separation of processes. These roles were invented during industrialization and I’ve heard from clients and also experienced myself that these highly complex roles tend to feel like assembly line work. If you feel brain-dead like a zombie from “the walking dead” you should come and see me.

It could also be that your professional life is where you strive and feel happy but your personal life just does not feel right. One of the reasons is that you might be a victim of “time management” and optimization. We often do not get the results we aspire because we are running after them. We are trying to achieve too many goals at the same time. We’ve learnt how to set SMART goals and we push these on everything we do. We have learnt to optimize our time, to prioritize and to tick of tasks from our To-Do list. All in the name of “productivity”. This worked well in the past but is “efficiency” really the best way to handle your life overall? When we push all those ideas from management by objectives on to our personal lives we might face resistance sooner or later.

“People in our lives don’t function like subordinates in business. We see relationships break down one after the other.” via @angieweinberger 

Take A Walk

The best way to deal with this in my view is to take time out to review what we really want for our whole life. We also need to challenge our own expectations and judgements of others. Do they stem from real observation and listening? Or are we projecting our own wishes and judgements into another person?

We have developed the “Take A Walk” workshops to tackle this mental trap of managers. “Take A Walk” is an experiment in mindful leadership where you learn methods for self-reflection, peer consulting and also creative writing. You learn to challenge your past thinking and start to work on a vision for your future.

If you are interested in working with us please email to angela@globalpeopletransitions.com.



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