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The Digital Nomad – Part 6 – How to Find the Right Remote Job

Have you been chasing a full-time job for too long and are about to get bored at home? Maybe you need to consider career alternatives such as freelancing. You do not have to start your own business right away. Some payroll providers organize your work permit, payments, social security, and tax payments. We welcome your feedback. We are trying to find legitimate and easy ways to earn money online and through platforms. Job Board for Global Nomads Crowdsourcing I was invited to work on a project for a large recruiting platform. This was real fun and also the reason why I am exploring the idea further. I learnt a lot, had a great exchange with other participants and […]

Global Digital Nomad – Part 5

Virtual Lounge

Which Channels To Use in Order to be a More Effective   As the world changes and goes through the transition it is important to move with it on every level, as each passing moment brings new and improved methods/practices to sustain oneself. Similarly, becoming a Global Digital Nomad requires a person to be more social, adaptive, and flexible to accommodate the learning curve. Traveling to work in various and sometimes remote locations may make you a Digital Nomad, but how to make a successful career out of it is another story. Much like any other field, it requires prior knowledge to understand the core meaning of being a digital expert. So stick around as we delve into the digital […]