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A Tale of Three Tickets

A Tale of Three Tickets – Being an International Business Traveler in the Digital Age International Business Travelers can face many issues. As a Consultant, I would tell you about all the compliance issues and the option of being detained if you get caught with the wrong visa or work permit. This is my tale of trying to book a ticket involving three countries: Switzerland, Germany, and France. Once upon a time in a land far away, locked inside a few mountains, a middle-aged lady, Mrs. W. tried to live in a more environmentally friendly way. So she sent her carriage to Africa. It was the age of mass transportation, the neo-romanticism movement had just begun and a few freaks […]

Hiking Mountains – A Writer’s Journey

Castle Tyrole

What hiking mountains and blogging have in common and how to establish yourself as a writer or blogger.

Strengthen Expatriate Mental Health

Why transform the global mobility

As I mentioned in this post during the early days of the pandemic my mother could not find yeast. Her village in Southern Germany had a yeast shortage. We don’t have a shortage of anything here in Zurich, neither toilet paper, nor yeast, even though demand for both was higher than in “normal” times. My mother likes to bake in normal times but I felt she needed to bake even more in these times.

Twelve Exercises for Psychological Safety in Global, Virtual Teams

Anne-Kristelle Carrier

We summarize exercises team leaders can use in global virtual teams to build and increase psychological safety.