Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress Zurich – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.

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Before I tell you all about this life-changing Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress Zurich, let’s talk about who this is really for…

  • You are an Expat Spouse in Zurich, Switzerland and you feel you have lost your confidence because it is a lot harder to find a job than you expected. You feel you will never find a job in the country where you moved to. Right now you are insecure about how you contribute to your partnership financially and you despise the dependency you are currently experiencing.
  • You belong to a cultural or other minority in Switzerland and you feel that your confidence has taken a hit by now. Going through cultural adjustment wasn’t easy but even worse is that you feel like a financial burden to your partner at this time. You want to work, be productive, and contribute to the world.
  • You might be trying to stay positive and not lose hope, but sometimes you feel like you are living in illusions because you’ve been looking for a job for over six months already and you haven’t even had an interview yet.
  • You are in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how HireMeExpress will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support on your journey to finding a job or gaining another source of income in the host country.


By the end of the Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress Zurich, you will…

  • Feel like you are fulfilling your part of the deal in your partnership or marriage.
  • Find it a lot easier to reach out to strangers and ask them for support and you will have built a professional network in the new country already.
  • Have the mental capacity to be there for your partner and support them in their striving career.
  • Be clear on your purpose in this new country and new life phase and have a plan of action for moving forward.

Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress

Angie Weinberger is amongst one of my top go-to resources for Global Mobility questions. People who are considering working with Angie should know that they are getting over a decade of insider information and hard-earned experience packed neatly into 12 weeks. Not only is Angie savvy about the market and hand-delivers critical strategies to succeed in challenging contexts like Switzerland, but she does so with such a human touch that helps you feel seen and understood exactly when you need it most.”  

Sundae Bean, Podcast Host of Expat Happy Hour https://www.sundaebean.com/expat-happy-hour/

“During my transition to Switzerland, I quickly learned that I needed more than just a really good resume to tackle the local job market. I participated in the HireMe! Program with Coach Angie Weinberger because of the action-driven approach. I invested in myself and my career in this new country and it was definitely worth it. The sessions and tasks made me aware of my strengths and chances. When I mapped out my network, for example, it was much bigger than I expected. Angie had great tips on how to approach and expand our network in a genuine and authentic way. The input and feedback I received from Angie was personal and focused. She and her team gave me the tools and self-esteem to land my first job in Switzerland!” 

RV, Supply Chain Specialist, Zurich, Switzerland

Online sessions HireMeExpress Worksheets HireMeExpress Group Coaching HireMeExpress
We believe in clear goal setting for your program and an action plan on what you need to work on. We also encourage you to do the weekly reflection exercises. Each participant is entitled to a bi-weekly 1:1 coaching session with Angie Weinberger. The coaching focuses on your blocks and returning your self-confidence to the right level. We deliver twelve modules of content directly to your inbox. The modules contain videos, text, and live teaching elements. All of our coaching programs are highly interactive. Therefore, we developed worksheets to support you during the modules. We meet once a week with all participants on Zoom, usually on Friday morning.





Plus, these bonuses help you generate unstoppable momentum (and keep it) right until you sign that contract or first client.

  1. An interactive online group with the current participants and our team.
  2. Individual collaboration sheets so you can directly connect to at least ten contacts in my network.
  3. Online support is available through our team from Monday to Friday via email and our RockMeApp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in Switzerland to participate in HireMeExpress?

You don’t have to live in Switzerland before you can benefit from this program’s value. If you are planning to move to Switzerland, an ideal time to start this program is about six months before moving. However, you must ensure that you will have a work permit through your spouse’s employer. Contact us if you are not sure about the permit types.

Can I participate in the program?

Anyone who is looking for a means of getting an income is suitable for the program. However, it is geared towards those of you who feel like they have a harder time finding a job in the host country because of a lack of network and visibility. Everyone has different challenges. We noticed that female expats and rainbow talent often have a harder time in countries like Switzerland. If you are unsure, you can always call us for a meeting.

Do you guarantee I will get a job during the Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress Zurich?

We can guarantee that our method and process are proven. However, you must commit to getting the most out of HireMeExpress.

Can my Partner and I participate in the program?

Usually, it’s better if your partner focuses on their role and if they let you do the work required. However, we can discuss your situation in a call.

What if I feel I’m not a good fit for the program after buying?

If you buy the program and go through modules 1 and 2 and feel that you are not a good fit, we will refund your course cost if you show me that you’ve done the required work.

Why is the course price higher than an average online course?

This is because it is a hybrid course (blended learning) where you have live individual coaching sessions and group coaching sessions regularly. We offer the course at a market-level rate, and it’s the same price for companies and organizations wishing to better support their expat spouses who are moving to Zurich, Switzerland.

Do I need a work permit from the host country to participate in HireMeExpress?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you only join this course if you have a work permit for Switzerland. If you don’t have a work permit we recommend individual coaching sessions and a consultation with an immigration specialist. We can put you in touch with them.

Do I need to speak German or Swiss German or is English sufficient to find a job or an income in Zurich?

This is a role-specific question that I can only answer in the context of your role. However, many of our previous coaching clients do not speak German or Swiss German and mainly are fluent English speakers.

Which key success factors have previous participants highlighted?

Being accountable to a coach and a group and having concrete pointers to start their networking efforts. Another key success factor is the highly interactive work in the group and the strong personal commitment that we bring to the table for every single client.

Find out more about your issues as an Expat Spouse by listening to this podcast.

Still thinking about it?

You should give HireMeExpress a 14-day risk-free shot if you are motivated by any of the following

You are worried that you might not find a challenging and purposeful job in your host country and you underestimated the challenge of working in a language that is not your mother tongue and you might have thought it would be easier to get online work opportunities in this day and age. However, you are 100% sure that earning an income will give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

You did not expect that cultural adjustment would hit you that hard and putting on weight, eating more, and drinking more alcohol doesn’t make you more attractive at this point in your life. You are convinced though that once you have a clear day structure again you can battle these signs of cultural adjustment and get back into shape. You are motivated by the energy you will have once you have started your work routine again.

Most importantly you are motivated by having a good life in the new country with your partner. Your relationship will be more harmonious and you will feel that you are building a life vision together again. That’s why you are motivated beyond measure to invest the next few months in getting fit for this job market and learning the host country’s language at the same time.





This is an intensive digital course for Expats and Expat Partners of all colors, genders, and orientations. To a certain extent, this course will also help migrants and refugees. We welcome you to have a chat with us so we can see if you are a good fit for our program.  If you buy the program and you are going through module 1 and module 2 and you feel that you are not a good fit, we will refund your course cost, if you show me that you’ve done the work required.

Our General Terms and Conditions for Executive Coaching Clients apply


HireMeExpress is a coaching program that assists expat spouses in entering the job market in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With over ten years of successful operation, we have helped numerous clients secure employment and continue to provide comprehensive support to individuals seeking to establish their careers in the region. We work intensively with expat spouses to help them develop the following skills with a very specific focus on the Swiss and Liechtenstein job market, ideally with a focus on German-speaking cantons.

  • Planning your job search and finding your top 20 companies
  • Building and maintaining a professional network in Switzerland
  • Refining your brand
  • Improving and having a professional presence online (LinkedIn)
  • Writing effective Letters of Motivation
  • Pitching in Elevators
  • Learning the art of storytelling in interviews
  • Improving business stories
  • Deepen an understanding of personal values
  • Improving executive presence in interviews
  • Setting weekly targets at a healthy realistic pace
  • Styling job applications to Swiss recruitment practices
  • Reviewing of offer letters and benefits


HireMeExpress – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.


Start a Business or Land Your Dream Job with HireMeExpress – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days

Learn from three female Expats in Zurich

Female expats in Zurich not being able to stand out with their thought leadership because of constant changes in algorithms.

Stop worrying, and start acting with HireMeExpress. 

Navigating the Sea of Noise

For female expats navigating this sea of noise requires a strategic approach. This might involve creating high-quality, relevant content, utilizing targeted advertising, engaging with the audience, and staying adaptable to changes in the digital landscape. Building a meaningful online presence takes time, persistence, and a keen understanding of the target audience. 

Angie Weinberger is recording videos from her Red Couch.

Develop thought leadership without worrying about constantly changing algorithms on LinkedIn and Instagram.

We have invited Monica Shah and Keren-Jo Thomas to talk you through bilingual childcare in Zurich and how to manage your cash flow. Our very own Angie Weinberger will then talk about “Having a Voice in a Sea of Noise”. 

Sign up here to secure your spot in this exclusive lunch workshop series with three female founders

We will limit the number of seats to keep our workshop enriching and interactive. Please sign up as soon as possible to secure your spot. Delve into the intricacies of multi-lingual education, ensuring cash flow for your business, and building a personal brand on social media in Zurich with three female founders, who understand the local landscape and run successful businesses themselves.

We offer:

Three lunch workshops on Family, Friends, Fame, and Fortune for Female Expats in Zurich!


Monica Shah
Monica Shah, Founder and CEO of Children First Ltd.

Workshop 1: Parenting Moments –

Educating Multi-lingual Children in Zurich, Switzerland

Date: Friday, 26 Jan 2024

Time: 12 PM CET – 1 PM CET

Speaker: Monica Shah, Founder of Children First


Learning Goals: 

  • What multilingual children need at school.

  • How you can decide about their education and set language goals if you plan to stay in Switzerland long-term?

  • What support options do you have when starting your children’s education in the Swiss system?

Keren-Jo Thomas - Financial Planner for Women
Keren-Jo Thomas – Financial Planner for Women

Workshop 2: Planning Magicians –

Financing Cash Flow for Female Founders

Date: Friday, 2 Feb 2024

Time: 12 PM CET – 1 PM CET

Speaker: Keren-Jo Thomas, Founder Keren-Jo Thomas, Financial Planning for Women


Learning Goals:

  • Why cash flow is critical in the first five years of starting,

  • How to finance a small but mighty business,

  • What is important when planning to start a business in Switzerland?


Angie Weinberger
I’m on a mission to bring the Human Touch back into Global Mobility.

Workshop 3: Powerful Missions –

Having a Voice in a Sea of Noise for Female Founders

Date: Friday, 9 Feb 2024

Time: 12 PM CET – 1 PM CET + 30 Minutes Q&A on the HireMeExpress Program

Speaker: Angie Weinberger,  Founder of Global People Transitions


Learning Goals: 

      • Why it is important to have a voice in a sea of noise.

      • How you can bring your mission to the world.

      • What you can do to get over imposter syndrome and fear of failure.

Sign up here to secure your spot in these enriching workshops.

Learn more about our Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.

Are you an expat in Switzerland, navigating the challenges of job hunting, or dreaming of starting your own business in the vibrant city of Zurich? We understand the unique struggles you may face, and that’s why we’re here to introduce you to HireMeExpress, a group program designed to empower expats like you and guide you toward success in your career endeavors. We only have a limited number of seats available for the upcoming program start date of 15 March 24 and an end date of 21 June 24.

Resources for Your Journey

Why we think Expat Spouse Career Support is Essential for the Retention of Expats

Spouse Career Support is not just a service; it’s a fundamental pillar for the success of international moves. It plays a pivotal role in alleviating the challenges faced by the accompanying spouse, reducing stress, and mitigating the sense of isolation that often accompanies such transitions.

Beyond the immediate emotional benefits, providing career support to the accompanying spouse has profound implications for their overall well-being. Feedback from our clients consistently reinforces that they feel more settled in Switzerland when their spouse receives dedicated career assistance. We strive to foster an environment that minimizes the potential for family separation during this critical period of adjustment.

Moreover, investing in the career development of the accompanying spouse is an investment in their employability. By enhancing their skills and marketability, we empower them to become more attractive candidates to potential employers. This not only contributes to their personal growth but also aligns with our commitment to offering comprehensive support.

From an organizational perspective, companies that proactively offer Spouse Career Support send a powerful message of dedication to their employees and their families. This commitment, in turn, serves as a magnet for talent, fostering a workplace culture that values the holistic well-being of its members. This approach significantly contributes to talent retention, boosts employee engagement, and cultivates a sense of loyalty within the workforce.

Crucially, Spouse Career Support is not just about individuals; it’s about recognizing and addressing the diverse needs and experiences of employees and their families. In doing so, organizations contribute meaningfully to their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts by creating an inclusive environment that values every facet of the employee’s life.

Our success stories extend beyond basic support, reaching expats and expat spouses with seniority who might typically face limited opportunities in the Swiss job market. Angie Weinberger leverages her exceptional network and reputation to connect clients with decision-makers within target companies. This personalized approach transcends traditional career support, providing a bridge to opportunities that may have otherwise remained elusive.

In essence, Spouse Career Support is a cornerstone of successful international transitions, embodying a commitment to individuals, families, and the broader goals of fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.


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HireMeExpress - 12 Weeks from Frustrated to Fantastic
Expat Coach and Global Mobility Yoda Angie Weinberger

What other clients are saying about our Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.

The key to a good Aperol Spritz goes beyond the proportions…it just tastes better depending on the atmosphere and the people you are with. I present to you Angie – the ultimate career bartender and her Ange-a-rol Spritz also known as the HireMeExpress program. No matter what season of life you are in, Angie’s program will give you a perfect blend of what you need to get to the next level in business and life.

Digital Marketing and Event Manager

Angie was my navigating system in Switzerland helping me in plenty of directions: cultural adaptation, how to transform my job application to the local market, to develop writing, storytelling, and structured way of expression. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.

I highly appreciate her approach to constructive feedback, direct flexibility to adapt to the audience’s needs,  big heart, up-to-date advice, personalized attitude, giving ideas and new viewpoints, direct to the point, and motivation to go on trying. Following her advice, I now feel much more accepted here in Switzerland and feel more confident.

Antoaneta Petrova, HR Project Manager

During my transition to Switzerland, I quickly learned that I needed more than just a really good resume to tackle the local job market. I participated in the HireMe! Program with Coach Angie Weinberger because of the action-driven approach. I invested in myself and my career in this new country and it was worth it. The sessions and tasks made me aware of my strengths and chances. When I mapped out my network, for example, it was much bigger than I expected. Angie had great tips on how to approach and expand our network genuinely and authentically. The input and feedback I received from Angie were personal and focused. She and her team gave me the tools and self-esteem to land my first job in Switzerland! 

RV, Supply Chain Specialist

Angie was recommended to me as a mentor when I had a hard time finding work and lost my focus on what I actually wanted to do professionally and how to get there. I applied for the AIESEC Alumni Germany (AAG) Mentorship program and got the chance to be mentored by Angie.

We had monthly sessions and discussed topics that were important to me and she brought up topics that gave me new perspectives and motivation. I always felt that she cared and she offered extra sessions if I needed them. She is very experienced and inspiring in her way of helping people find their career path.

In her coaching program #HireMeExpress, we learned methods and valuable tips and tricks on how to find new access to and increase our chances on the job market.

Thanks to all that I found a new job and gained the courage to choose a new career path. I am grateful for the interesting and inspiring people I met. Most importantly I gained confidence in my skills and goals for the job market. I strongly recommend Angie and her program as she is a pro in her field, inspiring, and caring and it is fun working with her.

Malina Hillar

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Expat Spouse Career Program HireMeExpress Zurich – From Frustrated to Fantastic in 90 Days.


Your Time to Shine: 6 Tips to Create a Strong LinkedIn Profile




Get the Recruiter’s Attention with a Swiss Cover Letter

The ‘Bourne Effect’ – Why you Need a Brand


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How to Make it in Winterthur – An Indian Teacher on her Journey to Becoming a Digital Learning Specialist

Balakirthika Jayakumar

Guest Post by Balakirthika Jayakumar

Switzerland is considered a paradise on earth. Every human aspires to set his/her foot on the land of Switzerland. Why is it that one aspires to visit this place? It is the bounty of nature in this country that attracts people. Also, the high standard and quality of living.

The people of India are fortunate enough to have a glimpse of Switzerland through movies. It is a cliché to have a song shot in this country to add richness to the movie. Either personally or virtually people have ideas about this country that is exuding “excellence” on all levels (including but not limited to chocolate and cuckoo clocks).

These days, thanks to social media, we find resources on the net. Your search for any insignificant or significant details and you get them on the Internet. Thanks to the encouragement given by YouTube monetarily and/or intangible recognition that motivates one to share their knowledge and resources. It is up to the person looking out for the information to decide what he/she wants to look at.

I am a fortunate few who did not just read and virtually visit Switzerland but have been blessed to stay in Switzerland that too with a work permit. My husband works for a Switzerland-based company and after years of service in due recognition of his contribution to his company, he was asked to relocate to Switzerland and execute the responsibility globally from the headquarters. My husband is a self-made man with high aspirations felt blessed by the opportunity and with the most difficult dream becoming reality came a series of expectations to make this blessed life more blessed. 

The first thing was to give wonderful education to children. To our surprise, the education consultants in India never suggested Switzerland. They supported Germany, but not Switzerland. With determination, my husband put us all on our toes, and the whole family was geared up to find a way. The process looked tedious as we did apply to colleges, but got rejections from many. We did not know the reason though it was clearly stated. The simple reason was the requirement of Work Experience for entering college.  In India, we would work only after the completion of the first degree. This difference was not obvious to us in the beginning. Now anybody asks us, we would guide them.

One of the challenges to studying here as per our understanding was the high cost of living. The expense of education was affordable as the government supported the funding for all students. It was the living cost that one had to plan and be equipped with to pursue the education.

Another challenge was the immigration process. The country gets approval from the student that he/she will not demand employment in the country upon completion of studies. A country that readily extended its helping hand to accommodate the student to empower through education unbiased does not assure employment. Unlike the USA, Canada, and the UK, which charge their students a huge amount, but paves way for their employment, here was a country that did not assure the same. Unless the student has the thirst to acquire knowledge and the willpower to sustain the knowledge, he/she would choose the easier destination of the USA and like countries.

If the family relocates to Switzerland these challenges are nullified for the family bears the expenses of stay which is anyhow a necessity. Such was the case for us. The first add-on dream of educating our children abroad got fulfilled. The education system is highly commendable with passionate, unbiased teachers willing to impart knowledge genuinely. 

Here the challenge was the pattern of examination. The examination was based on the understanding of the concepts learned. It was never reproducing the concepts. This was a part of the assessment in the education system studied by our children. Now when the whole assessment module revolved around assessing the understanding, it did look challenging in the beginning, but later children knew that the effort required was more and in a new direction and they accommodated themselves for the new system and started learning and implementing the same.

Life in Switzerland is fantastic if you have all the needed money. One had the potential to earn and equally had to shell money for a living. One cannot just casually lead a life. Things have to be planned. Certain commitments like insurance, tax, travel and accommodation are inevitable. A major portion of the earnings is spent on these inevitable. Like any expat, who relocates to Switzerland, we too have landed upon dreams to earn, spend and save for the future. This is an opportunity to create savings. With one person’s earnings, it is not possible to save as per the expectation.

The standard of living raises, the quality of life exceeds the expectation, and self-development increases. One tends to be more systematic and accountable. The trust one has in others is another marvel. The fitness quotient is another dimension that calls for appreciation and motivates one to be so. The dignity of labor is the culture of Switzerland that every country needs to acquire.  The discipline inculcated into one from childhood requires a standing ovation. The concern for the environment, the patriotism ingrained in each, and the support they extend for local produce is something amazing.

Having seen all these wonderful aspects of this country as an expat wife with years of experience in my home country, I aspired to render my services to this holistic country. I landed in this country with high hopes of fitting into the job market and doing wonders in this already magical country. With almost score years of experience, I was very confident that I would be quickly absorbed into a renowned company and that there would be great learning as well as a contribution from my side. I took a month to settle and, with great enthusiasm, started applying for the jobs that were suggested by well-known job portals. There was a rejection the first time, then the second, and then the third. And when the 10th consecutive rejection came, I was shattered. 

Every rejection came with a sweet note saying that your experiences are highly appreciated, but I’m sorry to share that they do not fit our company requirements. My confidence was reduced, and I was groping as to what to do next. I had no clue where I went wrong. All these years of experience I had created a mark for myself in my job domain and where did I go wrong? I was not even short-listed. How do I prove myself when not called for personal interaction?

This was when Ms. Sonia Meier, Managing Director / Immigration & Relocation Specialist, BECOMELOCAL GmbH, who helped in getting settled in the country, shared the details of a series of 3 free workshops to be conducted by Ms. Angie Weinberger, Female Founder and Managing Director at Global People Transitions Ltd. This was what I was looking for. A helping hand to assist me. It came as a boon. I was a bit apprehensive. With an open mind, I attended the workshop. That was mind-blowing. It was organized so systematically with no strings attached that with no second thought, I enrolled myself in HireMeExpress.  This program was for 12 weeks, interspersed with one-on-one sessions with Ms. Weinberger. Many other people like me were looking for scaffolding. I deem that we were a blessed lot to be part of the group.

I could understand the system that worked in Switzerland. I knew what I had to work on. Never did Ms. Weinberger judge me. She was and is always there to guide me. She seems to understand what goes on inside of me. She understands my state of mind. I have understood how to proceed and what is that I am looking for. With great confidence and determination, my search is on. I am getting a few leads. It is not easy for a locale here also to switch jobs or get into a new job. The same applies to me. But I have got a path now with the destination. Soon I will be there.

I feel instead of being on a mission not knowing how to proceed when we know that there is someone to lend their helping hands, bringing in the human touch to global mobility not merely by words, but from heart, one has to utilize the service and follow the process religiously to embark on the best for you.

I am getting to know the culture of Switzerland. I value their space. I value their beliefs a lot more now. With conviction, I am all set to become the Digital Learning Specialist who would create a mark for herself in the industry as a trainer touching the lives of many. I started working as a Freelance Editor, pulled together several anthologies, and organized a club of writers and my days are busier than ever. While I still look for a full-time job, I cannot stress enough the importance of freelancing to expand my skills and enhance my personal brand and portfolio. I am on my path and look forward to meeting you anywhere in Winterthur, Zurich or Delhi.

If you want to contact me please reach out via LinkedIn or contact me through angela@globalpeopletransitions.com. 

Our Programs

Unlimited Expat Coaching with Coach Angie Weinberger via the RockMeApp

Expat Coaching via the RockMeApp

Encore (when you can get no satisfaction)

🌟 Our Expat Helpline

Expats and Expat Spouses have all sorts of life and other challenges. Often, you will not know who to talk to. We offer a helpline where they can address all questions and a research team in the background that will help them with qualified responses. Responses that will not require them to search through fake news and poorly researched content on the Internet. We also have great resources on our blog and additional handouts to send to your Expats and their Spouses.

🌟 HireMeExpress

HireMeExpress is our group coaching program that will get you from frustrated to fantastic in 90 days. Sign up to our waiting list to get invited to free webinars and get a chance to join the following program.

🌟 The RockMeRetreat by Angela Weinberger

The RockMeRetreat by Angie Weinberger is an intensive seven-day leadership retreat for Expats and Expat Spouses. The participants will work in small groups of eight, focusing on their challenges to improve their inclusive leadership capability, productivity, and general well-being at work. The guidance comes from Weinberger’s recent book, “The Global Rockstar Album – 21 Verses to Find Your Tact as an Inclusive Leader”.

🌟 Global Competency Assessments via ICBI® or IDI®

We use the Individual Cultural Blueprint Indicator (ICBI) tool to learn more about your cultural identity and preferences. The ICBI is an online behavior, habit, and belief-based assessment that empowers you to understand your artistic preferences and compare those of another country. A debriefing session with Angie Weinberger accompanies this tool to develop self-awareness.  IDI – Intercultural Development Inventory® with an Intercultural Development Plan allows you to gain insights concerning intercultural challenges you are facing and identify intercultural competence development goals that are important for you. A debriefing session with Angie Weinberger accompanies this tool to develop self-awareness.


The Social Media Newbie Series – Part 2

Angie's grandfather already played with this teddybear. She thinks he has a lot of wisdom to share and occasionally he models for her on Insta.


Instagram has seen dramatic development in recent years, from roughly a million clients in 2010 to more than one billion. One could contend that Instagram is an online media network like no other. Rather than words, the stage is constructed on the whole around sharing pictures and recordings. This visual contort is the reason Instagram is the social stalwart it is today — “Instagramming” is authoritatively an action word now.

Assuming you are keen on getting an Instagram account or just made one but are not sure how to utilize it, you are in the right place – Here, we will cover every one of the fundamentals, so you can see why Instagram is the top online media stage for commitment today.

To assist you with the beginning, we will stroll through the basics with your Instagram account.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is an online media stage that underlines photograph and video sharing through its portable application. You can take, alter, and distribute visual content for your followers and build a lasting relationship. With roughly two billion monthly active users, Instagram belongs to the most popular social networks worldwide.

It’s hard to remember a time before Instagram. “Do it for the ‘gram” has turned into a typical saying, which implies, basically, “Accomplish something so we can snap a photo and post it to Instagram.”

72% of users report making purchase decisions based on something they saw on Instagram. It makes Instagram a must-have for brands/businesses for building brand image via visuals. Also, it’s an amazing stage for staying connected to the target audience. Remember the trends are changing so quickly nowadays that if you have to keep an eye on social media in real time! (or hire a social media marketer to do it for you!)

Before you get started, connect with your social media and networking purpose again. Remember what you would like to achieve with social media and being connected with more people, grow a following or an audience, and what your one-sentence mission statement is. If you are in one of our programs or work with Angie Weinberger as a coach you probably already know that you need to make a few strategic decisions before you start. You should have clarity on your personal brand, your three labels, your main mission statement, your color scheme, and discussion themes, and decide about your filter already. You don’t just randomly add photos to Instagram, you do this with a purpose and mission in mind.

How To Get Started

To get on Instagram, you should simply download the Instagram application on your phone and get started on your new account by tapping “Join” Instagram is designed to be used via your smartphone only. You can access the platform via a desktop, but you won’t be able to upload content. You can decide to join through Facebook, email, or telephone number. Then, you have to pick a username (short, witty, and relatable to your brand)  and password. After that, you’re ready to get started! 

Once you are done setting up the profile, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the application via App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).
  1. To sign up, click “Sign in with Facebook” if you wish to link the two together, or fill in the usual details such as phone number or email, name, username, and secret key. Then, at that point, click “Join.”
  1. On Android, click “Join With Email or Phone Number.” On an iPhone, select “Make New Account.”
  1. Enter your email address and phone number, then click “Next.” You can also join Facebook to reduce the time and effort to log in.
  1. Whenever you’ve finished setting up your username and password, you will be told to complete your profile information. When you have, tap “Done.”
  1. Remember your Short bio is crucial to reflect your brand’s personality. It should include a brief self-description, contact information, emojis, hashtags, and more. 

Bad  Example: 

A Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker.

Good example:

Redefining success ✨

💡 Successful but stuck? I got you covered.

Global Mobility Lecturer * Author * Keynote Speaker

 🛋️ #HireMeExpress #RockMeRetreat 👩🏻‍💻

👩🏻‍🏫 #CareerStrategist

The Basics

At its core, Instagram is a friendly and casual platform, with most of the talking done through the visual content being posted. Each time you open the application, you’ll see the fundamental feed of ongoing posts from the accounts (people) you follow. A menu bar is available everywhere in the application at the base.

The Instagram menu bar, or the hub, has five buttons at the lower part of the application screen. Each has a unique function and will be the easiest way to navigate the platform. This is what each button does, from left to right:

  • Home Button (Little House): Your fundamental feed where you can look through photographs and recordings posted by the people you follow.
  • Explore (Magnifying Glass): The magnifying glass symbol takes you to the Explore page, where you can look at and peruse content from accounts you don’t follow yet may find interesting.
  • Upload (The “+” sign): Select the photo (or video) you wish to post from your device’s library or tap the camera icon to take a new image with your smartphone camera. This is where you get creative and share engaging content!
  • Activity/Notifications (The heart sign): The heart symbol takes you to a page that showcases likes and comments on your posts.
  • Profile (Your own picture!): Clicking your own image takes you to your account wherein you can see your posts, edit your profile settings as well as view your posts insights. Posts insights are crucial in understanding the type of posts which are attracting relevant audience. 

How To Post

To share a photograph or video on Instagram, tap the “+” button on the bottom middle of the screen, where you can choose photographs or recordings from your phone’s camera app to post. Instagram permits you to choose up to 10 photographs and recordings to post immediately.

  • Decide your Instagram Theme. Decide a theme that you want to follow – which helps in giving your brand a familiar look. You can decide to apply a filter for each post, which, contingent upon who you ask, is vital for the Instagram experience. Filters make it simple to alter shots with various visual preset overlays. 
  • Add Suitable Captions. Captions are dependably a smart thought. You can utilize words, emoticons, or hash tags. Very much like in remarks, you can likewise “tag” followers and friends by putting “@” before their username. Remember, you can alter inscriptions whenever — or erase them if it becomes necessary later on.
  • Consider Tagging Contacts. Instagram permits you to “tag” somebody in your photographs. When you label somebody, they’ll get a notification in their news feed. Feel free to tag brands/businesses as they will love the promotion done. However, It’s best to ask permission prior to adding tags of people you don’t know. 
  • Add Your Location. Location labels let others know where your photograph was taken. Tapping on an area label carries you to its related  area feed, where you can examine other public posts.
  • Post to other Social Accounts. Instagram likewise enables you to simultaneously publish a post to other social records. You can cross-post to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr by connecting accounts.

Explore These Great Features

As you would expect, Instagram carries out new highlights consistently. From a new substance to a continually growing arrangement of inventive devices, Instagram offers a lot of chances for self-articulation and inventiveness. Here are the best-in-class Instagram highlights.

  • Instagram (IG) Stories

Many individuals use Instagram solely to make and survey Stories, which are adjustable posts that remain on your feed for 24 hours. These posts, which could be a blend of photographs and short-structure recordings, are introduced in a slideshow design and available through the highest point of the home feed.

  • Instagram (IG) Live

Instagram Live is an element that lets you “Livestream” — as such, broadcast live video from your gadget to any individual who needs to watch. Viewers can send you messages and hearts while you stream, making this an extraordinary method for conversing live with audience and doing Q&A sessions in real time!


  • IGTV

IGTV is Instagram’s committed video stage, allowing clients to transfer recordings as long as 15 minutes long (or an hour in the event that you utilize the work area variant). IGTV has its own application for iPhone and Android, yet you can likewise find it inside the customary Instagram application.


  • Instagram Shopping

Given Instagram’s ubiquity, it’s nothing unexpected that brands are doing all they can to transform Instagram users into clients. As indicated by Instagram, a great many individuals shop on Instagram consistently.

  • Instagram Reels

Worked as an adversary to TikTok, Instagram Reels allows you to record and transfer brief recordings as long as 15 seconds in length. When you record a video, you can alter it and add music, text, and enhancements.

Different followers can like or remark on your Reels recordings, which can be a pleasant method for getting more followers.

I know it can be overwhelming in the start so I always recommend to set attainable short term goals and work towards them. Don’t expect to go viral overnight, but stay consistent with postings. Use the right hashtags and engage! You can also run ad campaigns to attract relevant audience but your content needs to be compelling enough that it stands out and keep your audience engaged. 



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