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Interview with Prof. Tamara Pawluk

An Expert Interview by Sara Micacchioni Prof. Tamara Pawluk is specialized in cognitive diversity and inclusion. She has collaborated with teams designing Diversity and Inclusion campaigns and training teams to leverage diversity potential. Her professional goal is to contribute to any organization where diversity is seen as a key factor to achieve competitive advantages. Interestingly, she also works as Project Manager for Diego Romero Music to support her husband in bringing Argentinian and Latin American music into the European market.  In early September I  met her in her apartment in Berlin to get inspired by what she does.  Who is Tamara Pawluk in a nutshell?  I am an interculturalist by profession and by mindset. I like working with people from […]

Interview with Csaba Toth

An Expert Interview by Sara Micacchioni Csaba Toth is the author of the book Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times (2020), the founder of ICQ Global and the developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC™. I met him virtually at his place in Brighton that almost incidentally became his new home 16 years ago. Let’s discover together what he does in life and what his approach to interculturality is. If you were to give a pitch of Csaba Toth, how would you best describe him professionally?  I will be very concise here: I teach uncommon sense. It is a mindset that allows people to see the same situation from different perspectives so they can make better decisions and they can choose […]