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Recently, I co-hosted an event with around 80 women in Zurich and surrounding areas. One of the speakers almost made me cry because she has made such a leap since we met first in this community about 1.5 years ago.

Why is this group so inspiring?

It has to do with all of us. How we are when we are together. How we connect.  It’s not really important “what you do”, if you are a mom or not, if you are married, single or divorced. We just like each other and give each other credit. That’s why I love to work for this cause. It’s pure love.

Social Media helped us build the community spirit

Contrary to common opinion we started a group on Facebook (after we already had a LinkedIn group) believing we need a shared space that is only open for members. I know that some members still prefer LinkedIn but let’s be honest: When did you last post a discussion in a LinkedIn Group without being worried that you make an idiot of yourself?

Have you never worried that your peers would look down on you? I am constantly worried about what I can say on LinkedIn and what I can’t. On Facebook it’s less critical, more honest and a different circle.

Social Media is the real world.

We need cheerleaders. We need tweeps who love what we tweet, we need friends who share and overall we are not successful unless we put in a lot of time and / or money.

For my business I have outsourced Social Media because I know I can get lost in it. I want to focus on my clients and the least thing my clients need is to follow me on Twitter. They have enough stress to adjust to Switzerland, learn German / French and search a job. They get one or two posts per week (to their email account).

Don’t worry too much about Social Media. If you focus on serving your community and your clients you will work it out along the way.