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Are you one of those settled professionals who suddenly had to get out of the last job? Did you love to write as a high school senior but figured a career in journalism would take too many years of crafting the art?

Maybe this is the time in your life when you want to get back into the habit. Perhaps this is really the time when you want to consider starting a writing career in Switzerland. 

Seven Reasons to Start a Writing Career in Switzerland

1)   You cannot handle frustrating meetings any longer

2)  You don’t want to conform to the typical 8 AM to 5 PM working day

3)  You’ve decided that you finally want to feed your passion and earn an income out of it

4) You’ve always been good at telling stories and want to do it more consistently

5)   Your values constantly clash with your company’s values

6)   Parenthood completely overwhelmed you

7)   Your partner got a wonderful –it-was-always-my-dream-to-move-to Switzerland-Singapore-Santa Barbara-kind of job offer and you are in a new country without a professional network.

How many of these points can you tick? If you can relate to at least one of them, I encourage you to keep reading what comes next. 

Four Signs You Feel the Urge to Develop Your Creative Side

1)   You neglected writing in order to earn a living but you always journal during your holidays.

2)  You did not know you were more creative than others until a psychologist told you.

3)   You are bored and need to do more than painting your nails, cooking and washing clothes to satisfy your creativity.

4)   You are going through a transition and that triggers the urge to WRITE, PAINT, SING, PLAY AN INSTRUMENT…

Your writing could become a new source of income for you. You will probably not land a bestseller overnight but even publishing a book has become rather easy in the age of kindle desktop publishing.

It is important that you have the skill of language composition and you know your grammar well.  Unless you wish to become a literary fiction writer,I don’t think you need a diploma in writing though.

Three Tips to Start a Writing Career in Switzerland

#1 Guest Blog

You could guest blog for “Hello Switzerland” for starters or submit your articles to www.ezinearticles.com. They also have good writing tips there.





You can also check the categories on our website to see if you would be a good fit as guest blogger for Global People Transitions. We’d be happy to read your content! Write to angela@globalpeopletransitions.com if you’re interested. 

#2 Join a Community of Writers

As a large and international expat hub, Zurich has a great community of writers and independent authors and there is a lot to learn.






#3 Educate Yourself with a Good Mentor

If you need a kick in the b… I recommend you read Jeff Goins’ blog. He is a motivator for aspiring writers and authors.

What’s your experience with blogging and writing?

Please share with your best friend. You can also leave us a comment below if you feel like sharing with our Club Sandwich readers. 


*** From 1 July to 15 August the “Club Sandwich” will be taking a summer break ***

Feel free to email us for guest posts. We are still operating so please contact us for appointments.

3I woke up with a headache and lack of good sleep because my partner was awake at 4 am. I start to get ready thinking “I will get through this day.” My partner reminds me to get toothpaste. Toothpaste is my totem to prove that I am in the real world and not dreaming any longer.
One of the most mundane tasks for me is to buy groceries. I have tried to hand over worldly tasks to others so I can focus on my clients but still there is a small household we maintain. Let’s assume that almost everything in our day is run on autopilot. You only notice that there is toothpaste in your life when it runs out. My coffee powder ran out the same day. I almost got angry at myself for letting it run out. Not having coffee disrupts my morning routine. Coffee is on my mind a lot.
I recalled a podcast I had heard by Tim Ferris where he reads letters of Seneca. The letter discusses the practice of poverty and Tim explains how he transfers the idea into his life.  Seneca wrote that it was necessary to “practice poverty” once in a while. Through the practice, you take out the fearful element. I liked the idea.
This week, I will experiment with everything in my little household and let stuff run out. Our fridge is empty. I will re-use paper in my office. I skied in the oldest outfit and with skiing glasses that almost fall apart. It makes me feel uncomfortable. I try to go out without cash or without a credit card.
[tweetthis] We are used to the luxury of having all our needs fulfilled right away. We are instant need fulfilling junkies.[/tweetthis]
When I look deeper though I see a pattern emerge. I accept that my current state of being is enough. I accept that my life is good. I am for once not over-burdening myself and watch my resources. I give myself a chance to create. I do not know how much time I have left to live my purpose. I live now.
I enjoy my personal life. I feel that I can give more love to the ones I care for but also to people who need support in our society. My heart sees the full glass. My mind suggests that the glass is empty. I tell the mind to shut up and see why it is good to have space. Only the empty space is creative. Only the empty space allows a transition. Only the empty space gives life.