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Digital Detox and Mental Health Awareness

Expat Coach Angie

Digital Detox and Mental Health Awareness is a video interview covering Why we are talking about digital detox retreats and why this doesn’t seem very easy to do when you are a business owner. How I slowed down this fall, and how this helped me serve my clients better. Cultural differences between US Americans and German-language speakers and how this shows in how we conduct business. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xv1ju5gxMLs&ab_channel=EdwinCohen%2CGLOBALTVtalkshow   Basic Help Implement a Daily Mission Walk. The focus here is not on high-impact training, but rather on consistency. Go for a short walk and make it a staple of your daily routine. Motivate yourself by small missions such as taking the dog for a walk, recycling the glass bottles, getting bread […]

Interview with Petra Sorge Dos Santos, Global Leadership Coach and Transformation Synergist

An Expert Interview by Sara Micacchioni Petra lives in Hamburg and if you meet her in person, you’ll probably notice one of her eighteen shades of blue. Born and raised in Germany, one of her qualities is working in-time, which means to take care of customer’s leadership needs as much as possible in the Here and Now – also and especially when it’s complex and challenging.  She is a Global Leadership Coach and with decades of experience across international Business, NGOs and engagement for Women and Black issues, she has become a specialised Transformation Synergist. Petra’s mission now is to support GLOBAL WOMEN IN/TO LEADERSHIP.  But how she got there is a very unconventional story.  In Africa they say, you […]