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Inspired by @emilybennington and Debra Hickok Mindful Eating and Drinking

First of all I want to thank Emily Bennington as I recently participated in her “Ready to Lead” course. The last session of the course was about “Mindful Eating”. I was looking forward to this session as Emily told our women’s network in September that she used to have an eating disorder, which is hard to believe when you see Emily now.

As part of our programmes I promote to work with your body experience. Mindful eating could be a way of improving your body experience. I mentioned in earlier blog post that a lot of expats put on weight when they move from one country to another. It happened to me EVERY single time. You might be lucky if you do not have this issue.

Here are seven ideas of how you can treat your body better through mindful eating and drinking

1)   Treat your body like your best friend. Serve food (and drink) you would serve your best friend.

2)   When you feel the need to eat sit down, pause and try to find out what you actually need. Is it physical hunger or emotional hunger?

3)   Use fresh ingredients and cook a meal.

4)   Eat in a disturbance-free environment. Focus on the food. Ritualize dinners.

5)   Re-think your shopping. What type of food (and drink) would you like to have in your home?

6)   Get rid of your scale to learn to listen more to what your body is telling you.

7)   Reduce refined sugar, ready-made sauces and processed food.


Please feel free to discuss this topic with me. On a side note: I have tried out a few really cool veggie soups recently and am happy to share the recipes.





More information and “Ready to Lead” course here: http://emilybennington.com/