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One of the challenges when you start up a company is how to finance yourself especially if you need investments to do what you plan to do. Have you considered starting a company but you are not sure how to finance your life when you are not having a regular income. Are you worried about burning too much of your reserves and capital before you actually will see a profit.

I started my business with a car. That was thinking out of the box. Instead of providing the cash that is needed in Switzerland to fund a Limited Liability Company we used our Audi to start a business. Later we pumped a lot of personal savings into the company and also had to sustain a certain lifestyle (in one of the top most expensive cities in the world.) Believe me, I understand what it means when you cannot pay your rent or when all of your former colleagues go out for a fancy concert / dinner and you have to come up with an excuse so you don’t have to tell them that you cannot afford this anymore. When you are 40+ it’s kind of embarrassing.


Crowdfunding platforms emerged to help great ideas to evolve faster by bringing a lot of small investors to the financing process faster. You need to tell your story to potential investors so you better have it ready.






There are companies in Switzerland offering support and advice to start up entrepreneurs. They often have competitions sponsored by companies.




Bank Loan

You need a very good business plan and “security” (such as a private investment portfolio) in order to apply for a bank loan. Before you apply for a bank loan, think about whether you really want to be in a position where you have to answer to someone else. In Switzerland (and most other countries) you can start a small business without a lot of capital. You might need savings for the first years.

Tip: Start to apply for a loan with a smaller bank.

Angel Investors

An angel investor is an affluent person who invests capital in start-up companies and other investments usually in exchange for a “convertible bond”. A convertible bond is basically the agreement that the equivalent of the invested capital can be transferred into a predefined number of shares of the future company. I understand that angel investors do not consider themselves venture capitalist so they see their investment a bit more idealistic and not only under profit considerations.



Learn the Basics

I find it very important is that we learn the basics of budgeting. Even if there is a general movement against budgeting I learnt that it is critical in the first two years at least. I think in hindsight that I wasted a lot of money and made the start harder for my business. (It’s like the real life.)


Networks for entrepreneurial women in Switzerland

There are networks geared towards supporting women to start a business. You might find funding opportunities there as well.




Check for Governmental Support

In Switzerland like many other countries the government supports entrepreneurs especially when you are unemployed. The Swiss government has a lot of great programmes in place. There are two conditions that have to be met in order to qualify.

1) You have to be eligible for unemployment benefit.

2) You have to have a valid work and residence permit.