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Do you remember Urs, the global HR Manager I introduced you to last week? Well, he took a few hours of 1:1 coaching and a few weeks later he relayed the last conference call with his team. He told me that the atmosphere had completely changed.

“What did you do?” I asked him.

“Well, I don’t really know. First I stopped emailing my team members and arranged to have a bi-weekly team call. I started to have a weekly 1:1 Skype call at odd hours from home with every single team member as we are not allowed to use Skype at work and our VC is always booked. Somehow, these calls are not really efficient. They are not about work but I am trying to get to know my team better. I am trying to understand what goes on in their lives and I tell them a bit about my family, my wife and my two daughters. I had not realized that Kasha was just going through a divorce. Rajeev has told me in the second call that his parents want him to get married to a distant relative but he dates a girl he loves in secret. I had no idea that they were so old fashioned still.

So I asked Rajeev if he would like to come to Switzerland for a few months to help me with the roll-out here. Maybe by the time he returns his parents change their minds. I also offered to talk to them. Rajeev really appreciated this gesture. I could see that he almost cried. Then afterwards he worked more hours and fixed the issue with the taxes with a local programmer. The two of them also contacted Maria in Manila and explained her what she needed to change step-by-step. I was surprised at this sudden initiative and must say I had a completely wrong idea of Rajeev’s talents. He is a lot better than what I thought.

Next, I asked the team if we could have a vision board where we would all post our ideas for the team in 2016. We have collated the ideas and they gave me good direction for planning the next projects. The last big step now is that every team member revises the milestones of the project plan as we never thought about the local holidays and that specifications need time and resources as well.”

I smiled. “What are you going to do next?”

“I don’t know. I feel a bit superfluous in the team now but I guess I will think about a marketing strategy for our team so senior management understands the value we bring to the firm.”

“Sounds good.”

We agreed to meet again in three months.

(to be continued)