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“Winter is coming”

We feel it everywhere. Did you already get your winter tires or are you waiting for the first snow (and the first fine in Switzerland) before you go to the garage. With our programs it is similar. I hear clients that they only came to see me after a year of contemplating whether it is worth the money. Most of the time we take action when it is slightly late or urgent.

Are you pondering about this question as well?

In the past, I hesitated about two essential courses in my life. For my coaching education I waited about three years and saw the advert at least three times before I sent an email to enroll. For “Tribewriters” I dragged the decision for three years as well. There is a mastermind group I am not signing up for yet (only two years of advertising it to me).

In both courses I further developed my skills. Without those courses I would not be intercultural coach and the blogger that I am today. The investment compared to the joy I experience of running my own business has been low.

If you think where all your other earnings go, I’d advise you now to spend at least 10% of your annual income on further education and keeping in the skill business. This was at least in the days of classical learning models.

Online versus Offline

I know, I know…you can learn everything today on KHAN ACADEMY and via MOOCs.

If you are a bit like me you might need the comfort of a class (even if it is a virtual class), a cup of coffee and an old-fashioned spiral book to feel like you are actually learning something.

  • When I listen to a podcast while ironing this is inspiring.
  • When I work on a presentation in Google slides it’s a new tool for me and it is skill building.
  • When I dial in to a webinar on “Theory U”, I take in basics of the book and concept behind it.

Still, if I want to progress on a higher level, I need a class. I need classmates and a structured atmosphere.

Are you looking for structure, pace and a class too?

Join us in January 2017 for the HireMe! Group Coaching.



Sometimes I am embarrassed to say that I work as a "Coach"!
Sometimes I am embarrassed to say that I work as a “Coach”!

Confession #1: There are a number of associations with “coaching” that make me feel embarrassed to call myself “coach”.

According to the ICF (International Coach Federation) coaching has many benefits. Amongst them increased productivity, positive people and return on investment. It is important to understand the benefits of coaching but also how coaching works. Many of my clients possess the knowledge, skills and attitude to move forward in their careers. When they come to see me they are either feeling “stuck” or go through a (cultural) transition where suddenly whatever they had learnt in the past does not really have meaning or feels worthless. In working with my clients I see my role as a tour guide through

1) a learning process

2) a self-experience.

What do I mean by that?

Guided learning is where we support our clients to go through certain steps in a process in order to be more effective in how they approach a topic. An example is finding a job in a new country or dealing with intercultural challenges as a global leader.

Guided self-experience is when we throw our clients in situations where they have to deal with a topic or go through an experience in order to learn something new about themselves. An example for that is a case study, an interview practice or a salary negotiation.

Why do we believe in being a Tour Guide rather than a Drill Master?

Our society is built on performance and discipline. Most of my clients do not need to learn performance and discipline. Often it is the least they need. Often they need to learn to relax a bit more and see the tree in front of the woods again or to focus more on what they have already achieved instead of their faults and failures. That’s why I take a “softer” approach to coaching. My clients often achieve their targets but sometimes they find out they need to give themselves a bit more time to enjoy the ride.

For a tour guide this is the best that can happen.

If you want to know how I could help you achieve your professional goals please contact me directly via angela (at) globalpeopletransitions.com.



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