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Many of my clients are stressed and anxious. Moving to a new country is one of the top ten stress factors in life.

Birds relocating

I recommend you learn progressive muscle relaxation (PMR)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is a guided exercise where you tense and release muscles in your body either sitting or lying down. It is proven to have a healing effect on the body and helps you into deep relaxation. The effects range from better and deeper sleep to better concentration and in some cases better relationships on all levels. It is important that you make Progressive Muscle Relaxation a routine. I recommend to practice after lunch and before you go to bed.

Why I recommend it

Most of you have to learn 101 new little details every day which is one of the hardest challenges when you move abroad. You often also have to take care of several family members. Your own needs often fall behind. I perceive most of you as tense, nervous and many of you report that you do not get enough sleep.

Often in a new location you also change nutritional habits and your weight often goes up. Being heavier increases your stress level.

Where to find short teasers

You can try out PMR with these videos before you buy a CD >> CD in English.

Let me know what your experience is with this technique.