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war-953246_960_720This year the refugee „crisis“ has been dominating German-speaking media. Now there are signs that we are taking a new spin to the topic. There is support from volunteers, there are positive conversations about the refugees. I support giving refugees language education and a work permit as soon as possible. Mainly because in Germany and Switzerland we have more work than people who are willing to do the work. We have more than enough space, housing and we can actually help raise children.

We need to consider what we all can contribute to support and I think we can start with small acts of kindness. In Iceland people offered room to leave and now the government says they would like to take in more refugees.

What I thought about as I discussed the idea of support was that in such situations we tend to give the responsibility to governments, official volunteer organizations and even the police. The policemen I know (probably with one exception) hardly ever speak as many languages as I do. My even small vocabulary and skill in Arabic could come in handy when we speak to and listen to Syrians.

I have friends who are native speakers in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu and remember that once I listened to a Beduin women in Egypt and even though I did not fully understand her she told me her story of how she lost her daughter. I gave her my scarve. She could not walk anymore. The pain of losing her child had made her sick. If we could listen and speak to the refugees who come to Europe we could help them learn German and French and integrate.

We could probably also help them with their traumas and grief. My friend S. said he cried when he saw the pictures of the refugees. Me too. I had shed a lot of tears last week. I don’t have a TV but even the stories on social media, stories of support and stories of hope against the negative neo-nazi operations …even those stories made me cry. At the moment I don’t feel like crying anymore. I want to support, but as often I feel numbed and overwhelmed. Not sure where to start so I started with a tweet.

If you are a #refugee and have come to #Zurich we can help you with administrative and language problems.

From that tweet a lot more actions evolved. We already have a project group. Keep tuned and let me know if you want to know more.