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Guest post by DAVID NEWGASS

Finding a job in today’s global landscape can be a daunting task. With so many qualified people vying for the same position, it can be challenging to envision ways you can make yourself stand out.

If you are looking to give yourself an extra edge, here are four types of training that will prepare you for today’s global workplace.

1. Technical Skills Training

No matter what technical level you are at, there are always areas of your skills that you can improve. Technical skills are those that include the knowledge of doing things such as data analysis, content writing, social media management, coding, programming, etc.

This form of training is fundamental to your employee education as it is the key to knowing how to do your job right, technically. Even if you already know how to do your job, it is almost guaranteed that there is still more for you to learn.

By engaging in ongoing skills training on a regular basis, you will ensure that you are staying up-to-date with the latest developments in your field and that you are well equipped for today’s global workplace.

Look for training that utilizes a full range of blended learning solutions on sales and management skills development topics, including videos, e-learning, podcasts, and online support solutions.

2. Soft Skills Training

How you act in your position is just as crucial as what you actually know – that’s why soft skills training is so essential for growth in your career. Soft skills pertain to the personal attributes that enable employees to interact harmoniously and effectively with other people in the workplace, including management, co-workers, and customers.

Having a gap in primary soft skills among company employees affects company success significantly and increases turnover rates.

Whether you are a new or existing employee or are just trying to get your foot in the door, soft skills training is useful as it demonstrates that you understand and appreciate one solid fact — that soft skills are an effective way to build an efficient, respectful and collaborative workplace culture.

Some soft skills to consider improving include:

  • Communication skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Time management
  • Ethics
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability

3. Taking NEBOSH Courses

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) develops syllabi, assignments, and exams to Accredited Course Providers who then create training courses to prepare candidates for NEBOSH qualifications.

For those who are looking to work in health and safety positions, a NEBOSH qualification is often required. For many, their career progression is closely linked to enhanced NEBOSH qualifications.

As the UK’s most popular health and safety qualification, the NEBOSH Certificate is very well known and highly regarded, making it an ideal choice for those looking to launch a career in safety. Companies are realizing the importance of health and safety training and are favoring potential employees who have obtained this knowledge.

To get started on the path to obtaining an online NEBOSH certificate, you do not usually need any formal entry requirements.

4. Taking IOSH Courses

In today’s global workplace, health and safety are top priorities and primary objectives for firms, not only in hazardous fields such as mining and construction but also in occupations that are considered low-risk, such as banking or real estate.

For this reason, if you are serious about ensuring that you remain a vital and valuable member of your team, you should future-proof your career by refreshing and updating your knowledge and skills in health management.

Taking an IOSH course is one of the most significant ways you can do this, as this learning module is created by top international occupational health and safety experts. With this, you can be sure that the curriculum will be aligned with world-class standards and up-to-date strategies.

It would be a great addition to your cache of capacities as a mid-career professional, whether as a supervisor, team leader, manager, or any other role where you have to oversee other employees.

If you are a company owner who is considering hosting one of these online employee training sessions, remember that they save you time and money, as no one needs to be scheduled to give the lessons with every new update or batch of new hires. You can also train multiple locations at various times for no extra cost.

They guarantee informational consistency across all levels, so you can rest assured that everyone gets the same information and training, and they provide employees with easy access to information, reducing uncertainty, misinformation, and error.

About the Author

Owner, Managing Director and Big Kahuna at Wise Global Training Ltd
David Newgass

Dave Newgass is the owner and Managing Director of Wise Global Training Ltd. Born and raised in a small California coastal fishing town but now living in the United Kingdom, Dave’s goal is to ensure that clients are not only happy with the IOSH and NEBOSH online courses they purchase from Wise Global Training Ltd. but are also happy with the total experience as a whole.

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