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Recently I wrote about how important it is to clean up regularly…not only at home but especially in your work space. As I know how hard it is for horders and messies I have developed this quick course with five S-words. Here is my quick guide for de-cluttering:

  • Systemize: Create an overview and make a plan. Decide on color-codes, three box system and buy a laminator.
  • Start: Start with the smallest possible entity and work on it for only half an hour.
  • Sort: If you clean out drawers take out all items, then sort them and decide what you would like to throw away. Then throw it away and take the bins outside. Return to the same content and review again. You might want to throw out more. Celebrate again. Clean the empty drawer right away.
  • Space : Create an empty space between fuller spaces. See what happens. Review the way you work with space. Share work space to keep it clean and tidy.
  • Standardize: Use same colors and basics your wardrobe. Reduce the amount of handbags and shoes you are using. Donate them if you don’t want to throw them away.

I would be interested in coaching you if you have an issue with clutter. Let me know if you are interested in a first conversation.


11078071_990750944286698_8841507939481156323_nDSCN4689The Women Expo Switzerland is the longest running, largest table exhibition in Switzerland which is solely dedicated to the promotion and showcasing of female owned businesses.

Exhibitors at the Women’s Expo Switzerland are female business owners who want to build and establish new business contacts, present their products, and educate visitors about their services in person. These female businessCBRAFEJVAAALrm1 owners also want to build business relationships with other female business owners. Visitors to the Women’s Expo Switzerland are 98% women from a professional background aged between 30 – 49 years who come from both the English and German speaking communities.

On 29th March, 2015, we had the privilege to be a part of Women Expo. It was in collaboration with Children First Association, which provides high quality care and education to babies, toddlers and small children up to seven years in the international community in Zurich.

The event turned out to be more than we were expecting. The crowd was energetic and interested in networking. Overall, the Women Expo is an amazing opportunity for women to showcase their businesses and we recommend female entrepreneurs in Switzerland to follow them for future events. We also hope that the connections we made there will lead to fruitful cooperations and clients.


Women Expo 2015 with @cfa2011 and @GPTransitions



It’s Valentine’s Day soon. Considered to give your loved one a special gift?

Help them find a job they love with HireMe!

HireMe! is our career programme for international hires, expats and expat spouses.

Signs that you are in need of HireMe!

  • Have you been looking for a job in Switzerland and not been very successful so far?
  • Do you feel you are wasting your energy doing the wrong things for too long?
  • Are you qualified with a degree but lack significant experience in the field you are aiming at?
  • Are you shy and have a hard time with networking?
  • Are you spending too much time at home?







I did not really go into rehab but I guess I was close to a mental overload that showed in the following ways: I would go to the kitchen, start making pasta for dinner, go to my laptop…30 Minutes later someone nearly calls the fire brigade and I’m eating overcooked pasta.

Then in a time where work really picked up in my business and I had to follow a tough plan in order to manage all my work snow fell early November.

I still needed winter tyres. You have to understand that this is an obligation in Switzerland not a choice. If you are caught with summer tyres when the snow is already on the road the police can fine you. So in my lunch break on a day where my hubby stayed at home feeling unwell I’m trying to juggle housework and my other commitments. Then I remember the winter tyres and instead of checking the Internet via laptop I get frustrated trying to make an appointment over my i-phone.

I could not find the phone number. Then smack. An act of aggression. I smashed my phone on the floor. Been there?

The touch screen did not work any more.

“I am ruined. My life is over.” (Big red drama queen alert)

Lesson learnt: The touch screen is as sensitive as a human.

I noticed how much I depend on my phone within the next 24 hours. I had to buy an alarm clock. I did not have access to my bank accounts anymore. I did not know how I should find a new venue. I was looking out of the window. I read the newspaper.

Not being reachable had a few bonus points though. I got through with my plans and had a very productive day. I did not constantly check my phone. I did not read Twitter and Facebook. I opened Skype only for calls. I reviewed a lot of documents that urgently needed a review. I worked on my website. I watched a girl hugging a big teddy bear outside a pharmacy and she made me smile.

I listened in to people’s conversations. I felt calmer and less stressed. I did not feel that I had to read all my emails. I did not accept meetings changes other than cancellations. My assistant handled all official calls. I noticed that I can rely on her. I asked that she should set up meetings in person rather than making me call people. I expected people to accept that I am not available all the time.

I felt a little disconnected  with the buzz but a lot more connected with my heart.

I laughed and smiled more. I found a phone shop without navigation. I tried to remember my diary instead of checking everything twice. I accepted that I might run late and will not be able to tell anyone. I worked a whole week without phone. I don’t have a landline so I was getting worried about emergencies. It was ok but on Saturday I bought a new phone and a cover to protect it.

These days I remind myself to take breaks and to use a few analogue ways of communication such as a paper notebook. I helps me keep an overview about my projects and accomplishments. I delete apps such as Facebook on occasion so that I do not use every “free” minute to check what’s going on. I allow slow response times and we stopped having electronic devices in the bedroom, since we have an old-fashioned alarm clock now. Sleep has improved.