Angie Weinberger Expat Coach Zurich

Angie Weinberger is a well-known and seasoned Expat Coach in Zurich, Switzerland. An Expat or Intercultural Coach helps Expats and their Partners with their global careers and lifestyles. Angie Weinberger combines executive coaching, her expertise, and facilitation skills into programs for female expats and rainbow talent. She has lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, India, and Australia. As a university guest lecturer, she focuses on global mobility and inclusive leadership. She is a certified leadership coach (with over 1,000 coaching hours), a group coach and workshop facilitator, an intercultural trainer, and a systemic consultant. She continuously works on her craft. You can request an overview of her certifications if you want to work with her. Angie Weinberger wrote … Continue reading Angie Weinberger Expat Coach Zurich