Are you Blocking Yourself with Your Inner Movie Theatre?

Last week, I was in a state of frenzy. I rushed to get everything important done on Friday morning, ate a quick lunch, dropped a few household chores dropped on my partner’s lap and visited the cash machine to ensure an urgent payment.

Then, I breathe out. I sit on that one train I needed to catch. The whole day I have been dreaming about a relaxed weekend with my bestie, long walks, chats and a quiet train ride to catch up on my writing. I comforted myself in the blue seat, let the footrest down, set the alarm,  took off the warm coat and was ready to move into the creative zone. (Writers you all know what I’m talking about…)

Then (Baa – bi – baa) – an announcement.

“Welcome to ….Please note that pickpockets might be working from stations.”


They might be in the process of stealing my little red suitcase right now. Not to mention that gypsy woman with black skirts, golden earrings, and a black tooth. She is there – bang. In my head and my inner movie theatre starts. Gypsy woman rips open my (locked) suitcase with a sharp pocket knife. No, a huge sickle worth a pirate. Now, she looks like a pirate too.  Her left eye is made of glass. What will she find? A few clothes and books with piano lessons. To her disappointment, my clothes are boring and old.

My impulse is to get up and take my suitcase to my seat. This would mean that no other passenger can sit there.


I don’t get up. I have travel insurance and all my important belongings are right next to me. Yes, it would be annoying to lose my suitcase but it would not be a catastrophe.  What “gypsy lady” makes me think about is how I was listening to the announcement and this one sentence pushed me into a negative inner movie theatre. Or a momentary state of paranoia.

Did you ever experience anything similar?

As a coach, I am trained to listen to my inner voice and voices and there is one strong voice inside of me that says: “People are good. The other people also want to sit on a seat instead of sharing with a suitcase.” I trust this voice today.

In 2017, we jump mental lanes fast.

Every day, only a small incident can push us over an edge. Not every day this means that we will turn into mass murderers but I never before experienced such an affluence of negative thinking and negative assumptions about human beings. The general level of trust in our affluent society is extremely low. The batteries are flat. Most people have psychological and physical health issues.

We are judging someone in an instance and we do it all the time.

It’s matter of seconds between the “Like” and “Dislike” button. It’s a split moment between feeling needy and feeling resourceful. It’s a small line between mental illness and genius. Our attention span is so short that I need to check twice if I have locked the car.

This is why I encourage you to follow weekly routines to ensure you maintain your mental and physical sanity. This is why I ask you to reflect your achievements once a week. Within the RockMe! program we have now established a regular process to remind you to answer four questions every week. Have you noticed a difference since you started to do this?

Hit reply and let me know.


PS: I’m happy to report that little red suitcase is still with me. 😉

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