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My favorite Productivity Hacks

Productivity Hacks

In consulting firms, you have to maintain a timesheet in which you document daily how you use your time. This can be great to give you an understanding of where you are focused and where your priorities lie. Similarly, you can increase the value of this exercise by maintaining a daily diary in which you document your accomplished tasks (Have-Done-Diary). I recommend a notebook and handwriting for this exercise.

Who are Third Culture Kids and Why Are They Relevant


A natural consequence of the international professional accelerated in recent years through increased globalization and advances in Global Mobility is the rise of Third Culture Kids, or, children who have grown up in cultures that weren’t the passport cultures of their parents. This term originated through the work of American sociologist Dr. Ruth Hill Useem in the 1960s. You can read more about her legacy here. Given that the term has been around for so long, some of these children have now grown up and are referred to as ATCK (Adult Third Culture Kids). Therefore, it is important that their unique experiences and those of current TCKs are recognized and better understood, as they will be shaping the future. I’d […]

Diversify Your Income: 24 Unique Side Hustles for Extra Cash This Holiday Season in Zurich, Switzerland


The holiday season is here, and so is the opportunity to boost your income with creative side hustles! In this blog post, we’ll explore seven unconventional ways to earn extra cash and make your festive season even merrier. Follow the #HireMeExpress across all media and check out Angie Weinberger’s Instagram page and our LinkedIn page too. 1. Intercultural Country Resource: Looking to tap into your local knowledge? Become an Intercultural Country Resource! You don’t need extensive training; just a deep understanding of your location. Offering online sessions for about $200 per 2 hours can be a rewarding way to share your expertise. Join an association like SIETAR to be connected with a Senior Expert. SIETAR Switzerland is holding Christmas Apéro’s […]

Eight Major Barriers to Expat Spouse Employment

Expat Spouse employment Bringing the family on board in global mobility Expat Family Support

We thought we should pull together the main reasons according to our experience that hinder Expat Spouse employment  in the host country. This is a non-scientific analysis based on opinions and experience. We identify eight major barriers to expat spouse employment and hope to help you overcome those.

Unconscious Bias: The Hidden Challenge in Modern Recruiting

Why transform the global mobility

Unconscious Bias: The Hidden Challenge in Modern Recruiting Unconscious bias lurks within every hiring process, silently shaping the contours of modern recruiting. In an era striving for inclusivity and diversity, identifying and addressing this hidden challenge is paramount. Despite the best intentions, biases can impact critical decisions, affecting the composition of teams and overall organizational culture. Recognizing the potency of unconscious bias ensures a fair and merit-based recruitment strategy, fostering a dynamic and empowered workforce. Unearthing this subtlety demands a deep dive into our societal predispositions and subconscious tendencies. It requires courage to confront ingrained beliefs and norms, but the payoff is immense. By dissolving these biases, companies not only enrich their talent pool but also fortify their reputation as […]