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Upgrade your Presentation for Female Managers

Barbara Hesse, presentation tips for female managers

Presentation Tips, Upgrade your Presentation Tips for Female Managers with Top Ten  A guest post by Barbara Hesse When I first met Angie Weinberger, I had just spent a few months in Switzerland and was on the verge of a crisis of purpose. On the one hand, everything seemed so easy (a misconception when you come from a neighboring country) and friendly. On the other hand, with great effort, I adapted my gruff northern German temperament to Swiss customs – instead of staying true to myself. This put me in a pretty bad spot for some time, but after I understood how to get along here in Switzerland, even with my character, things went uphill. I also understood how different […]

Global Mobility Return on Investment

Expat selection, The Global Mobility Workbook

According to Brookfield (2016) 95% of companies do not measure their Global Mobility Return on Investment. “Given the inordinate amount of cost pressure on mobility today, it is somewhat surprising that more companies do not seem to have basic cost management practices in place. Only 62% of respondents indicated that they track costs during an assignment, and even fewer noted that a cost-benefit analysis is required at the outset of an assignment. With barely two-thirds of companies actually tracking the basic and most transparent part of their investment in assignments – their cost, it is not surprising that 95% of companies do not measure international assignment ROI.”  This research is from 2016 and I bet if we had an updated version we […]

Drop the Political Correctness for Writing

Angie Weinberger

Drop the Political Correctness for Writing It can be a burden to be an interculturalist. The same kind of burden as Obi-Wan Kenobi experiences or Frodo Baggins. But the burden of not having an opinion can be even worse. We interculturalists perceive cultural differences in a way that goes far beyond the stereotype. Our knowledge feels very limited even though we know more about cultural differences than the average president. Being an “interculturalist” (which is not even an official word), you watch and observe the world with a set of “magical contact lenses”. These give you a clear sight into how the world works (and if this is not how the world works you construct the rest around it.) Once […]

Global Virtual Team Drama

Global Virtual Team Drama We have become accustomed to Global Virtual Team drama and we are used to arguing in meetings for the sake of positioning ourselves. Sometimes you just want to win over the other person’s view. It’s about who is better than the other. On the surface. Have you ever considered that you jump into an argument easily not because you want to move forward the team and “think further and outside the box” but just because you like power? Have you considered that you are worried about losing power when you treat your team members with respect and listen to them instead of thinking that you know best of all? I revisited the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective […]

Positive Impact of German Language Expressions and Manners

Frankfurt, Germany

Positive Impact of German Language Expressions and Manners The German language or “Deutsch” is the world’s 15th most spoken language according to Ethnologue’s latest data. The German language is spoken in 28 countries, and 76 million people worldwide speak it as their mother tongue. Globally, there are 132.1 million German language speakers. As of 2016, Germany is home to 82.67 million, 95% of whom speak German as their first language. Status of the German language German is the official language in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. In Switzerland, it is one of the country’s four official languages. German, which belongs to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family, shares some of the characteristics with its co-branch […]