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Why Culture Shock Is Different Than Depression

The holiday season tends to bring up a lot of existential issues and old wounds. We might be missing loved ones and we might feel a bit more low than usual. If you are about to embark on an international assignment or project you could also experience cultural adjustment. Acclimatizing to a new locale, new cultural norms and social practices, ever-changing pandemic rules, children with identity issues, an injury, or an elderly relative, who just fell a third time and needed to be hospitalized.  These challenges bring with them additional levels of stress and dealing with them every day inevitably results in mental exhaustion, especially if you cannot be there in person and have to support through WhatsApp calls. You […]

Benefits of Spouse or “Plus One” – Communities in Global Mobility

by Tracy Hope When I was 22, I moved from New Zealand to California’s Santa Cruz, from one ocean-loving, laid-back community to another. I was young, I was excited, I was a newlywed on an adventure, and I couldn’t imagine the culture shock that I was going to experience there. It was only years later, when I had moved back to New Zealand and was preparing to move yet again, this time to Zürich, Switzerland, that I really took the time to analyse why returning to NZ from Santa Cruz was such a relief. I never found my niche in California, and it never felt like home. I made few friends there and had a permanent sense of being a […]

Offline Networking in the Digital Age


Offline Networking in the Digital Age The holiday season is upon us and with the advent of the advent which starts rather late this year I was reminded of the high quality of offline networking. Did you also miss holiday events, dinners, and Gluhwein at the Christmas markets and just realize that you are in for a treat in 2023? I know that the world has significant issues and that we are steering towards even more difficult geopolitical tension and environmental challenges than ever. However, living in an expat bubble and focusing on living God’s will through your daily work might just mean doing it anyway despite everything that is going on around us. Modern society has evolved in many […]

Our Holiday Offers for an Amazing 2024

I hope you can handle all my enthusiasm for the season. And yes, I know it’s a lot. So here’s a summary of what we are giving you this December: 1 – THE 24 DAYS of SIDE INCOME CHALLENGE is ON! We launched a challenge on Instagram for anyone who is looking to earn a side income. You can read more about it on our blog or follow me on Instagram. 2 – The WAITING LIST for HIREMEEXPRESS is open and you get a SIGNIFICANT TURTLE DOVE discount Sign up for the waiting list by replying to this email. It will be a first-come, first-served principle. We are currently offering a turtle dove discount of 20% on the HireMeExpress fee of CHF […]

How Language Makes You Local – The Benefits Of Language Lessons When Moving Abroad

Guest Post by BiCortex Languages Team Moving to a new country comes with many challenges, and transitioning into a new society is challenging due to numerous factors. Often, the biggest challenge of moving abroad is that you and your spouse or family do not understand the local language. Not understanding the local language creates many sub or additional challenges, which is why learning your new country’s local language is an important part of acclimating, integrating into society, and acculturation. This article discusses how language lessons can help you navigate the many challenges that come with moving to a new country. Some of the challenges that will be discussed include the following: how language lessons help you communicate at work in […]