Business Bee #1: Here’s to success in 2014

Some of you want to start a business. As you know, I am already a step ahead. My coaching and training business is alive and kicking. I would like to dedicate the posts this months to the “Business Bee”. It’s been on my mind over the holidays. I realized that over the next months I will be very busy and I totally love the feeling of having interesting projects and lots of good clients to work with. I just need to organize myself even better.

What happens once you start to get traction in your business and you become too busy to eat?

  • You want to spend the major amount of time serving your clients as I mentioned already in this earlier post.
  • However, you still need to go out, present your business to companies and network with potential clients.
  • You also want  to run your blog, write books and market your services.

One year ago I complained about not making enough money. Now, I am worried about being successful. Honestly, who would have thought?

First, I wrote down a principle that is important for my business.

“I want to ensure my clients get fast and regular appointments for meetings. At the same time I want to respond to their queries fast.”

Second, I made a list of possible solutions for organising my life and office better.

  1. Ask your family members to help you.
  2. Hire a personal (virtual) assistant.
  3. Decide which services you want to focus on.
  4. Outsource social media management.
  5. Get an editor and an agent.
  6. Work with a professional publishing firm.
  7. Reduce pro-bono assignments.
  8. Get a reliable cleaning service.
  9. Use a professional phone answer service.

Third, I bought an annual planner (old-school paper) where I am adding my holiday slots so I can book meetings, trainings and programmes around those slots.

Fourth, I wrote this blog post so you see my principle and can remind me in case I ever forget it :-).

Happy New Year to all of you! Let’s get started.

Angie Weinberger


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