Business Bee #5: Here’s to more writing – Part 2

From writing for therapy to writing for publication

Looking back at 2012, I needed other people to tell me that they liked to read my stories before I could make more of it, before I could “allow” myself to venture into an area which had little to do with my professional life and before I stepped from “writing for therapy” to “writing for publication.” When I started to be published as a “Global Mobility” author already in 2009, I noticed that I loved the creative process behind a book that is teaching others. A major push happened when I met @Libby_ol and she invited me to “WriteCon2012”, a bootcamp for amateur and experienced writers. Once again I noticed that there is a whole parallel universe in Zurich of authors, indie publisher, editors and cover designers. At the moment I am reading “The Triskele Trail” , a book I wish I had already read about four weeks before. I could probably have saved some sweat.

Making writing a daily practice

As a business owner with a blog writing is now my favourite way of self-expression. I’m enjoying short Twitter messages as much as blog posts, business books and novellas. Many authors have inspired me. One book you might want to read is “You are a writer (so start acting like one)” by Jeff Goins @JeffGoins on Twitter. Jeff motivated a few writers to write 500 words a day this month. It’s fun. It makes me write without censoring. It’s like a night dive. I do not look at what I’ve written the day before. The past is blurred. The story might not fit but what the hell. I’ve already written 10k words in a week. It’s a great exercise. The habit seems to kick in. I miss it when I don’t do it for a day.

So here’s to finding your true talent in 2014!!


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