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Note from a Nerd on the Why of Expat (Intercultural) Coaching

I summarized a lot of my research in a lecture held in February 2024 for the first time at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, called “Creating A Sustainable and Human Expat Experience (XX).”  I cannot publish the full lecture content online for copyright and other reasons. However, here is why expat coaching makes sense in Global Mobility, especially in an Expat Hub like Zurich, Switzerland. For a deeper analysis of your situation and company program please schedule a meeting with me: We will then consider a proposal for your population. Navigating the Complexities with an Expat Coach In an era characterized by rapid change and uncertainty, the landscape of global mobility is evolving at an unprecedented pace. As individuals and organizations […]

What is an Expat (or Intercultural) Coach?

An expat coach typically helps individuals who are living or working abroad navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with expatriate life. Their role can involve various aspects: 1. Cultural Adjustment: They assist expatriates in understanding and adapting to the culture, customs, and social norms of their new location. This may involve providing cultural training, language lessons, or advice on how to interact effectively in different cultural contexts. 2. Career Development: Expatriate coaches often help their clients advance their careers while living abroad. This might include guidance on job search strategies, networking in a new country, or understanding local workplace dynamics. 3. Emotional Support: Moving to a new country can be emotionally challenging. An expat coach provides a supportive environment for […]

Twelve Exercises for Psychological Safety in Global, Virtual Teams

Anne-Kristelle Carrier is an expert Psychological Safety in Global, Virtual Teams

We summarize exercises team leaders can use in global virtual teams to build and increase psychological safety.

Five Safety Stops for Expatriate Health and Wellbeing


Expatriate Health and Wellbeing has been on my mind since the Pandemic. During the height of the Pandemic, my mother could not find yeast for weeks. Her village in southern Germany had a yeast shortage. We didn’t have a shortage of anything here in Zurich, neither toilet paper nor yeast, even though demand for both was higher than in “normal” times. I went to SPAR and bought five packs of dry yeast. The man at the post office laughed when I told him what was in the small parcel. My mother and aunt love to bake, even in “normal” times. The price for the package was higher than the value of the goods, but this was the only thing I […]

Four Advantages of Working for Angie Weinberger

Guest Post by Oyindamola Adedokun, m Working for Angie Weinberger helped me a lot. I had just graduated from studying international relations at the university; I was frantically searching for a role that would give me some global experience. Coupled with that was a desperate desire to find someone who could mentor and guide me in an international setting. On one of those days, when I was surfing the internet to see what opportunity I could get, I came in contact with Angie on Instagram. Unknown to me, she is the managing director of Global People Transitions, GmbH, so I asked that she mentor me in the global mobility field. She graciously requested that I share my resume and informed […]