Digital Detox and Mental Health Awareness

Expat Coach Angie

Digital Detox and Mental Health Awareness is a video interview covering

  • Why we are talking about digital detox retreats and why this doesn’t seem very easy to do when you are a business owner.
  • How I slowed down this fall, and how this helped me serve my clients better.
  • Cultural differences between US Americans and German-language speakers and how this shows in how we conduct business.


Basic Help

  • Implement a Daily Mission Walk. The focus here is not on high-impact training, but rather on consistency. Go for a short walk and make it a staple of your daily routine. Motivate yourself by small missions such as taking the dog for a walk, recycling the glass bottles, getting bread or flowers, buying groceries without the car, and dropping a few items off at the local Brockenhaus (or Salvation Army).
  • Plan a Digital Detox. This one is not easy, as you end up losing contact with your family and friends back home, but it is well established that overuse of social media and technology has a high impact on stress levels. A weekend of digital detox will help you regain focus and have some time to think and reflect. I usually try to stay away from social media for 24 hours over the weekend. During the RockMeRetreat we are practicing to stay away from media for several days.
  • Practice PMR or a similar Relaxation Method. Work through Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) every day after lunch or before you go to sleep. Start with videos you can find on YouTube or buy CDs and audios from Medical Doctors such as Dr. Beth Salcedo (English) or Dr. Stephan Frucht (German).
  • Start Meditating 5 Minutes a Day. Practicing active meditation is also a good idea. I created this video to get you started. There are many more detailed videos on how to do this out there. I’m teaching active meditation at the RockMeRetreat.
  • Combine your first coffee with a morning meditation. You can also start your day with a short morning meditation such as this one. I try to combine my first coffee with a short meditation.
  • Start a Journal. Journalling is a great method to deal with your mind and emotions. If it feels like a lot of work, try a bullet journal first.
  • Join one of our Group Programs. Having a support group to help through any kind of transition is useful. With the current BANI world out there I would advise that you always build a support network fast and have a person you can trust and speak to about your challenges regularly.


Seven Virtues for Productivity and Performance

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Weinberger, A. (2022). Why it is hard to measure Expatriate Performance. International HR Adviser Spring 2022 by International HR Adviser – Issuu


Cinderella Complex 

The Cinderella complex is created when dependence develops in the relationship and the need to be rescued by the partner. The Cinderella Complex or Syndrome was first studied by researcher Colette Dowling, who published a book entitled The Cinderella Complex: Women’s Secret Fear of Independence. To sum up, we can say that it is the unconscious desire of women to always have someone to protect them and take care of them, abandoning their own passions and activities. This may be due to how they are raised or to social or religious pressures. According to Dowling, this complex actually stems from the fear of being independent. The complex is named after the fairy tale character of Cinderella. Its title refers to an ideal of femininity as portrayed in that story, where a woman is expected to be beautiful, polite, and supportive of others but fundamentally incapable of either taking care of herself or changing her situation through her own efforts. Instead she is taught that she needs to be protected and taken care by another, usually a man. (i.e., the Prince). Dowling examines the deleterious effects of this socialization on the psychology of girls and women. The Cinderella and Prince Charming complex: fear of independence and emotional dependence


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