What Clients say about Angela Weinberger

Feedback on Angela Weinberger: When our clients tell us that we helped them it is better than getting paid for the job. ūüôā

The HireMe! program helped me to brand myself as a professional in the job market.

“The HireMe! program helped me to brand myself as a professional in the job market. Beyond being reliable and always helpful, Angela demonstrated to be able to promote my career profile to best attract potential employers. After three months of collaboration, Angela offered me important tools to develop my career brand and I would definitely recommend the¬†HireMe! program¬†to anyone struggling to find a job.”
Dr. L. T., Biochemist in Basel

Focused, credible, pragmatic and at the same time encouraging and supportive

“…Let me start by thanking you once again for extending the program and assigning Angela to coach me. Our cooperation has been very constructive and the level of ¬†support I enjoyed is quite high. Angela‚Äôs working style is exactly what I sought: focused, credible, pragmatic and at the same time encouraging and supportive. She was always eager to explore different options and focused on finding solutions. To her credit, even after the official program termination, she still helped me in a few occasions where I needed some more guidance.¬†As a result I feel I am now much better prepared to deal with the tough labor market in Switzerland and I hope I am able to prove it in the near future.¬†I only have positive feedback for her and I highly recommend her work in this area.”

F.D. – A Greek Banking Operations Specialist in Basel

She gives 110% commitment

‚Äě…I was a pleasure talking to you this morning and having the chance to express my views on the brilliant work developed by Angela Weinberger as a career consultant.¬†When I embarked on this Career Development Program … I must confess I was quite skeptical as to the benefits it could provide me due to my professional field being so specific and my own set views of Human Resources (HR). …When Angela took over I came to realize how lucky I was to have her From our first meeting it was clearly noticeable that I had in front of me a structured and motivated professional. That I should not waist the opportunity to work closely with such professional and benefit from the insight she could provide me with. I cannot praise Angela enough she is highly professional and a great motivator. She is clearly a person who does what she loves for a living. She gives to her clients 110% commitment and caters the program to the individual. She has changed my views on the benefits and contributions HR trained professionals can provide.¬†Being married to an Architect you know first hand how critical, peculiar, and difficult we can be as professionals….and people. We tend to be quite picky, detailed, and often do not give high praise easily, as ‘constructive criticism’ is the foundation of our professional pillars. Well, with no reservations and the highest of praises I must note that it was a great pleasure to have worked with Angela…¬†‚Äú

A.A. –¬†A Brazilian-British Architect in Basel

Angela is at the forefront of Global Mobility trends

“I had the pleasure of working with Angela for three years in her role as Head of Global Mobility. I delivered the intercultural training for all in-bound hires at PwC in Switzerland. In this capacity I was impressed by Angela¬īs commitment to those on secondment. Evidence of this is that Angela personally attended the trainings regularly as a sign of her support – and to keep abreast on their challenges and immediately address their questions. She has a holistic approach to supporting the in-bound hires, understanding that the success of the secondment depends on both the employee and their partner. Finally, I see Angela at the forefront of Global Mobility trends, having the expertise especially to recruit female talents in a sometimes male-dominated industry. Angela is someone you want to partner with – as she is highly competent, professional and understands holistically the factors that are important when making a global transition.

Sundae Schneider-Bean, Intercultural Trainer, Schweizerische Post

A woman familiar with the demands of working in an almost exclusively male professional environment

Angela ¬†is smart, strong and warm.¬†I appreciated being coached by a woman familiar with the demands of working in an almost exclusively male professional environment.¬†I try to ensure I always act strong and confident at work, hence, I felt somewhat uncomfortable analyzing my insecurities or increasing frustration with some peers.¬†Angela used creative techniques to help me identify my feelings and their triggers. She also taught me how I could control the dynamics of my interactions with others, and coping techniques for those situations I could not control.¬†Eighteen months later, I am still benefiting my Angela’s leadership coaching.”

C.N. РAn Australian Corporate Lawyer in Zurich