Effectiveness of “Hire Me!”

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Topic: Intercultural Consulting Formats for International Assignees and Their Partners – an Observational Study in Switzerland

From June to September 2013 Jeannine Gehre conducted a study observing the consulting formats of the Global People Transitions GmbH in Switzerland. She interviewed seven former clients of Angela Weinberger on the following five areas:

  • Attitudes and expectations for the assignment in Switzerland
  • The adjustment process and acquired knowledge and skills
  • Type of deployment and evaluation of the work situation of the expatriate
  • Different forms of consulting and evaluation of effectiveness.
  • Influence and importance of consulting in Switzerland

Results regarding the effectiveness of the global career coaching programme (“Hire Me!”)

  1. It has been demonstrated that the skills and knowledge gained due to the coaching sessions have contributed to the success of the assignment.
  2. Coaching sessions are much more sustainable than general intercultural training which is down to the development of intercultural competence.
  3. Expectations and behaviours have changed for the positive. The clients confirmed a good adjustment process in Switzerland even though they still experienced linguistic and cultural difficulties.
  4. Through intensive collaboration with Angela Weinberger they could define their skills and goals, and adapt them to their needs. Individual goals and desires as well as the personality of the clients were taken into account during all sessions.
  5. All respondents mentioned repeatedly that the work with Angela Weinberger helped them to adapt. In a short period of time they built up a very good relationship with her. They recommend coaching sessions with Angela Weinberger as coach to expatriates and their partners.

Study results of Jeannine Gehre, Bachelor of International Business as published in her Bachelor Thesis.