HireMeExpress – Please help us with our Survey
Attention! Important message for all job seekers.

Angie W is getting ready to launch her HireMeExpress project, a course where you will receive coaching sessions to help you prepare for job searching.

Searching for a job and getting professional advice is crucial, but the whole process can be exhausting and take a toll on your mental well-being.

Unfortunately, not having clear ideas or feeling adequate, often negatively affects our emotions and, subsequently, our search.

That’s why relying on experts like Angie, who know the job market well, makes a difference.

Starting in April, Angie intends to begin her HireMeExpress program. If, when reading this post, you find yourself in this situation, take a look at the Workshop dates. Please share with anyone you know who is in this situation.

The three free workshops will convince you!  No obligations!

If you think that you would like to know more stay tuned and help us filling this questionnaire.

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