Global People Transitions is a limited liability company according to Swiss Law. It has been founded by Angela Weinberger in 2010 and launched in 2012. Angela Weinberger is the main shareholder of the company. She is responsible for content and copyright.

Content and Copyright

Global People Transitions GmbH

Angela Weinberger, Managing Director

Forchstrasse 179

8032 Zürich

Data Protection in line with the EU GDPR

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In case of any data privacy concerns please contact Angie Weinberger, Managing Director immediately via our contact form.

Global People Transitions GmbH

Angela Weinberger, Managing Director

Forchstrasse 179

8032 Zürich

License for the RockMe! Retreat

For the RockMe! Retreat we are using translated material that is under the copyright of Boudewijn Vermeulen, Dr. Eva Kinast.

Copyright Boudewijn Vermeulen, Dr. Eva Kinast

Boudewijn Vermeulen®, Vermeulen Analyse Modell®, VAM®, Sieben|Briefe®, Zwei|Kräfte® und 10|10® are

trademarks registered in Germany under the name of Dr. Eva Kinast |

Licensed to: Angela Weinberger, 2018 |

Copyright for HireMe! and FlyMe!

For HireMe! and FlyMe! we use content that is under the copyright of Angela Weinberger.

Where do I find you if I would like to come to a meeting?

All meetings are usually held at the Global People Club Lounge on Skype / Google Meet.

Global People Transitions GmbH

Angela Weinberger

Hedwigsteig 6

8032 Zürich

Take the Tram 11 from Stadelhofen to Rehalp and get off at “Hedwigsteig”.

You will find a small way that goes uphill towards Hedwigsteig. We are in a brown house.

There is a map here.

Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

Once you become a client we will send you a coaching agreement (contract) and our Terms and Conditions. We will also send you an individual offer geared towards your situation. Please note that we do not coach without a signed coaching agreement.

How can I give feedback?

You can email to Angie Weinberger.