Our Team of Collaborators

Usama Hafeez, our Laravel Programmer, wrote his first program at the age of eight, and since then, he’s been obsessed with computers. He is a freelance web applications developer with a decade of experience coding Laravel/PHP. He has been working with us since the very start, helping with not only our websites but also with developing the RockMeApp and various plugins. He can be reached at usama.info.

Anne-Kristelle Carrier is our Inclusive Content Editor and works in collaboration with the team on tasks like content editing and preparing workshops. She also edits policy documents, templates, and our recent publications. 

Romée Jager is our Intercultural Consultant and is a certified Culture Mastery 4C’s/ICBI™ Trainer. Romée works from Saint-Apollinaire, France.

Marie Platten is the Graphic Design Virtuoso who supports us with resumes, print documents, study material, and ebooks. Marie works from the beautiful Black Forest in Germany.

In addition, we welcome Academic Interns, Students and Researchers to our team.