Our Terms and Conditions for Corporate Clients

Version: May 2023, v7

Dear Client, 

These terms & conditions form an integral part of your agreement with us at Global People Transitions GmbH.

Our Clients 

  • We work with corporate clients.
  • We work with small, medium-sized, and large corporations. 
  • We work with clients with good intentions and a resourceful approach to people. 

We do not

  • Engage in any illegal activities. Should we find out that a client is using wrong data or forged documents, testimonials, or information on the résumé we will immediately stop the cooperation with this client. 
  • Tolerate discrimination of any kind and do not support bribery, illegal or unethical business practices, aggressive behavior, or inappropriate comments neither bullying or negative statements based on race, gender, mental and physical abilities, nationality, caste, and sexual orientation. 
  • Work with multi-level network companies and similar organizations.

Corporate Training, Workshops, and Events 

After an exploratory session with the client, we wish to collaborate in developing the training or workshop content. The steps in this process are:

1) Proposal with service delivery as per client’s needs,

2) Approval of Proposal by the client in writing,

3) “Project Scope” detailing learning goals and workshop dates,

4) Quality assurance report.

Workshop Material 

For environmental reasons, we will provide workshop material in electronic format. We will give printed handouts for exercises if needed. If you wish to receive printed material, please inform us and we will charge an additional fee. 

Travel Time and Cost 

Please pay and book flights and hotels for us so we don’t have to advance those costs. If travel to your location takes more than 2 hours we request that we have an overnight stay before and after the workshop. A per diem will be agreed upon for our time on the road.

Expenses reimbursement by the client

  • 2nd class train travel, flights (if the train takes more than 5 hours) in Economy class,
  • Hotel accommodation the night before and after the training,
  • Local transportation, meals, and drinks (up to CHF 75/ EUR 50 per travel day).

Scheduling and Cancellation 

A training or workshop is scheduled when you have confirmed it via email. Should you wish to cancel corporate training, workshops, or events, the cancellation will be charged as follows: 

7 days before 100% of the fee 

14 days before 50% of the fee 

A cancellation fee of an event location booked by us or our hotel reservation cancellation, if the cancellation needs to be made due to the client’s changes, will be fully reimbursed by the client.


We advise that you plan your training and workshops with us at least four weeks ahead. If you wish to book us for interim management or consulting projects then the lead time is longer. 


Location for Training: The client’s office or a hotel location nearby.
Confidentiality: All our conversations are confidential. Information about clients is not shared.
Contact at GPT: We will also nominate a contact for the project organization in our project scope document.
Billing Address: An invoice detailing the place and date of training, workshops, or consulting work will be sent after delivery to your email ID.
Advance Payment: For a delivery amount higher than 20’000 CHF/EUR, an advance payment of 50% of the projected scope is required. 

Payment Conditions: 30 days. 

Online sessions

 Online sessions due to their nature have to be paid in advance. A cancellation fee applies, and no-shows are charged in full. 

Confidentiality, Data Protection, Use of the Email ID 

We are committed to confidentiality and data protection.

We are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in dealing with personal data. This includes mentioning your name or company as a reference. 

We will use the email ID of the main corporate contact and the participants for these purposes only: 

  1. To follow up on participants’ progress and weekly homework and tasks via the RockMeApp,
  2. To agree on and confirm sessions,
  3. For sending the invoice and other necessary communication.

While the content of the coaching is confidential, all documentation is solely for quality assurance purposes. Written documentation and pictures of paintings will be destroyed and deleted 10 years after the last session. Your email ID or any company-related confidential information will not be given to third parties unless previously agreed. If required, we will sign an NDA with your company. We take data protection seriously. In case of any concerns please email us immediately.

Copyright and Licences

Writing, training, coaching, and consulting fall under copyright law. The work of authors, trainers, coaches, and consultants working with us always remains in their intellectual property. We usually allow clients to use our material if the copyright is mentioned on the slides, handouts, and other material. In case of any doubts, please contact angela@globalpeopletransitions.com.

Code of Ethics

We adhere to ethical standards in line with the coaching and intercultural training profession. As professional coaches and trainers, we acknowledge and agree to honor our ethical obligations to our coaching clients and colleagues and to the public at large. We pledge to comply with the industry Code of Ethics, to treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings, and to model these standards with those whom we coach.

Force Majeure

We are not liable for failure to perform our obligations under the coaching or consulting agreement if such failure is the result of Acts of God (including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, or another natural disaster) or any other incidents outside of our scope (such as terrorism, war, political upheaval). Claims of compensation for damages are in this case excluded. 

Exclusion of liability

In accordance with the law, especially Article 100 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, we shall only be liable in case of gross negligence. 

Salvatory Clause

Should any part of these Terms and Conditions be invalid for any reason, it is to be replaced with a corresponding text, which is valid and equivalent to the intended meaning. The rest of the Terms and Conditions shall remain unaffected and valid. 

Applicable law and Jurisdiction

Swiss Law shall apply and jurisdiction lies with the courts of Zurich.

In case of any questions please contact us.