Workshop Approach and Academic Basis has five pillars


I bring a toolbox of methodologies and techniques for challenging participants and being agile enough to be able to adapt and move quickly from one approach to another, based on participant feedback. I subscribe to the philosophies of the agile manifesto and believe in their concept for structuring projects.


A critical part of any coaching or training program is understanding your needs. A significant amount of effort is put into seeking your feedback to measure the impact of the exercises. I developed a global competency model that includes a regular review of your experiences and body learning to help you build knowledge, change your attitudes and enhance your skills.


I aim to get participants involved and make the process as active as possible. I apply learned knowledge in practice, through own problem solving, practical exercises or training others. I know that the retention factor is higher than in classical lectures. I went through my initial training in interactive training design with Thiagi, one of the greatest trainers alive.


I use a holistic approach based on the method of my coach educator Drs. Boudewijn Vermeulen (1939 – 2014), that was further developed by my mentor and coach Dr. Eva Kinast into a holistic, body-oriented, intercultural coaching method. This method focuses on relationships, the body-mind-heart connection and is linked to the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. The concept of body learning is grounded in the research of Dr. Muneo Jay Yoshikawa and Eastern philosophies and practices. Reflected experiences are based on the single-loop and double-loop learning theory of Argyris and Schoen.


I work in a way that that aims to bring out, share, and respect the views and stories of all participants and builds a constructive way forward for all. The systemic approach builds on Niklas Luhmann’s research and work.


Academic Rigor combined with real-life Experience

For all the Non-Germans coming to this website: Academic grounding and rigor is very important to me. However, in all my lectures, workshops and coaching programs you will also notice that I have a long-standing real life experience. Working with people from all over the globe and being in a bi-cultural partnership I understand the daily challenge of our global life. I like to simplify complex models, cases and situations but that does not mean that I think they are simple. I like to express myself in a way that I am understood by a non-native German or English speaker but that does not mean that I cannot write an academic paper. In case you have any interest in the academic research behind my work please feel free to contact me. I regularly take an academic intern as well.

Kind regards

Angie Weinberger