The #RockMeRetreatAPR19
Digital Intercultural Coaching

Overworked and underappreciated?

When was the last time you sat at your desk after 7 PM to sort out a crisis for a staff member or an expat because earlier in the day you were firefighting and running from one issue to the next? Did you then, after you poured your fifth coffee of the day, format the presentation or recalculate the balance sheet and email it out only to receive a text message from your direct manager – she probably already had a glass of wine somewhere fancy – to go home and get a life?

Lost touch with friends and family?

And then, when you’re just about to leave the building it starts to rain, your feet hurt already and you return to your desk again to get your sneakers. You see that you have new emails, one from your expat with three questions on the balance sheet, one from your manager with further improvements on the presentation and two from your mother.

Stuck in a career dead end?

And when you’re finally headed home in your sneakers and without an umbrella, do you wonder why you did not get that promotion to Senior Manager? Or do you wonder if another job at another company would be different? Maybe you are in a one-way street with a dead end? Or you even feel like you are not good enough for this job?

The more you know, the more you start questioning yourself.

The #RockMeRetreatAPR19 catapults you out of your mental rat race with a parachute. You will like yourself again, you will appreciate your work  more and improve your relationships.

The Retreat is a structured one-week time away from work for up to eight Expats, Expat Spouses, and Global Mobility Managers.

It’s paired with “The Global Rockstar”, a workbook and the RockMeApp.

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The Global Mobility Coach

Angie Weinberger is the Global Mobility Coach. in 2012, Angie Weinberger was looking for tools to help Expats, Expats Spouses and Global Mobility Managers in a more direct manner and founded Global People Transitions. Since then she helps Expats, Expat Spouses and Global Mobility Managers to enhance their career transitions and become Rockstars in their field of work. Angie is passionate about bringing out the full potential in globally mobile people.

Angie Weinberger was certified as a Professional Certified Coach by Dr. Eva Kinast and Drs. Boudewijn Vermeulen in Munich in 2015 after extensive coaching practice and has over ten years of coaching experience. She also has been certified by Dr. Eva Kinast, Munich as a seminar leader according to the Vermeulen method in 2018.