RockMe! Retreat

"We don't do what we want, we want what we do!" - Boudewijn Vermeulen (1938 - 2014)


The RockMe! Retreat for expats, expat spouses and Global Mobility Managers is designed to catapult you out of your rat race.

Overworked and underappreciated?

When was the last time you sat on your desk after 7 PM to sort out a crisis of a staff member or an expat because earlier in the day you were firefighting and running from one issue to the next. Did you then, after you pulled your fifth coffee of the day format the presentation or recalculate the balance sheet, email it out only to receive a text message from your direct manager - she probably already had a glass of wine somewhere fancy - to go home and get a life.

Lost touch with friends and family?

And then, when you were just about to leave the building it starts to rain, your feet hurt already and you return to your desk again to get your sneakers. You see that you have five new emails, one from your expat with three questions on the balance sheet, one from your manager with further improvements on the presentation and two from your mother.



And when you finally headed home in your sneakers without an umbrella did you wonder why you did not get that promotion to Senior Manager? Did you wonder if another job at another company would be different? Did you think that you are in a one-way street with a dead end and that you will never get out of it alive?

Is this how you felt?

The RockMe! Retreat is an eight-day Retreat in South Germany for six to eight expats, expat spouses, and Global Mobility Managers under my guidance. It's accompanied by input for 28 weeks with homework and the RockMe! App.


Why should you work with me?

I have been dealing with expats and their careers for the last 20 years. Through my own intercultural transition situations, through being a manager and later a company founder I have encountered many barriers in myself that I could only overcome with executive coaching.

Therapy, the Vermeulen Analysis Model (VAM), body-oriented methods and  systemic consulting principles have helped me throughout my professional development. Even though I believe I had a therapeutic background in my cradle as my parents both worked in this field, I did have a strong aversion to anything mildly emotional or touchy-feely when I started to train as a coach.

I still rely a lot on my analytical side to get stuff done. When I work with clients in a consulting capacity, this is why they like to work with me. However, over the last ten years - practically since I had been working in India - I accept that there is another intuitive and creative side in me.

In an ideal world I would have been able to use this side more in my past professional career and would not have had to start out on my own in order be able to use all my talents.

Now I embrace a fuller spectrum in my work with clients, use different ways to approach a topic and prefer exploration over strict efficiency-driven approaches.

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Kind regards

Angie Weinberger

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