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The Global Mobility Workbook

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“First, let me express my appreciation that you got in touch with me directly. Excellent customer service. Secondly, I would like to let you know that your book is very helpful tool especially for a person like me who has learned the ins and outs of global mobility through hands on practice or on-the-job training so to speak.” 
VB, Global Mobility Manager, The Philippines


Angela Weinberger has written an amazingly helpful book for those in Global Transition (GT) consulting, for those in the business of sending, and for those receiving new Global Nomads. Global Mobility has changed from being for only the top levels of management in their “training tracks” to moving highly skilled professionals, including specialists, all over the world. Angela has put to pen the results of years of practical consulting experience in this field and has produced a tool that is a useful guide giving practical solutions for the GT specialist and the Global Nomad. The Global Mobility Workbook gives not just theory and trends but also concrete strategies and very helpful business cases for practical guidance for the GM trainers and coaches and other related people (HR departments, recruiters). I would add this is helpful for those Global Nomads who are moving with little or no company support.

Not only are the needs of the assignee addressed but also the spousal experience is given equal importance in the workbook. This I find a key to the success of the global assignment: the positive aspects of the spouse. There is also some focus on the requirements on competencies and career development of both the assignee and spouse.

I personally found a lot of helpful information in this book, first for the growing global mobility community and also for all who are involved in international assignments. For me this book is very empathetic and sensitive to the needs of all the people involved in a global transition. Although the book is quite compact (with its 93 pages) it contains a lot of helpful tables, templates, checklists, graphs, and statistical information. If you’re interested or involved in Global Mobility this book is a “must have” for you.

Patricia Jehle, Regional Director at The Alpha Group Intl., GOLD Coach (EASC) and FHNW Lecturer