Here it is! Your Samichlaus Surprise Säckli

This week you are finally allowed to open your “Samichlaus Surprise Säckli”. It’s not a Porsche, but I believe it will make you a lot happier.

(drum roll)

Global People Transitions GmbH proudly presents

**The Global Mobility Workbook – A Step-by-Step Guide to Managing International Assignments**

We wrote this workbook for you.

We offer it at a special price of USD 9 (or equivalent in your country) so you can buy it as a present for everyone who deals with international assignments. There will also be a Kindle countdown deal in the UK and US from 24 December onwards.

The ebook contains five parts.

Part 1: The World of Global Mobility.
We explain trends and classify international assignments according to the drivers and show you how to design the international assignment business case. We explain how to integrate the assignment in succession planning.

Part 2: Making it happen.
This is about the operational implementation of international assignments explaining different assignment types, compensation and policy approaches, roles and responsibilities, compliance and working with third-party providers.

Part 3: The Assignee Spouse and Experience.
Another focus is on the process expatriates and their spouses or life partners go through both on a technical but also emotional level. This includes safety and health of expatriates and their families.

Part 4: Developing your Global Mobility Career.
Global Competency is presented as a key component in the development of Global Mobility Professionals. We explore the areas in which your knowledge and skills can be developed.

Part 5: Case Studies and Tasks.
The seven case studies from our daily practice serve to understand Global Mobility challenges in the real world. You will complete a total of eleven tasks, learn technical terms and find useful links.

The ebook is short and concise so you really don’t need to struggle through a lot of academic or other lingo.

You’ll find the book on Amazon around the world. Find the book on or

ISBN: 978-3-9524284-0-5

Looking forward to your reviews on Amazon!

Kind regards

Angela Weinberger

& GPT – Team

PS: If you are still looking for a poem to read to Samichlaus —>> try this poem and read it out loud.


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