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Digital Intercultural Coaching – Hype or Hip?


A digital intercultural coaching practice is a great idea if you want to become a digital nomad as a grown-up. In 2017, I offered a barcamp session at the SIETAR conference (rather spontaneously). I later wrote an article for the SEU Journal titled, “Digitalizing Your Intercultural Coaching Practice – Ten Steps to a Digital, Global Coaching Practice.” The article is so old that I can’t find it online anymore. Who would have thought that I would be a trendsetter (again)? It scares me how I sometimes foresee an idea like coaching an expat via a smartphone, and ten years later, this has become a reality in my world. I remember that, at the time, the participants were a bit skeptical. […]

Increase Your Executive Presence

When you feel like you need to increase your Executive Presence, you can learn these five basic methods I teach in my coaching practice. Many of you don’t seem to be all that present these days, even if we’re in the room. You take your phone out as soon as you get on the train. You skim through your emails and see that you forgot to save the legal document before you attached it. Your colleague across the ocean is confused. After three emails, you’re able to clear up the confusion. You apologize. You know you must come across as being stressed out. Even though you know that you have dealt with higher stress levels in your life, there is […]

Interview with Csaba Toth

An Expert Interview by Sara Micacchioni Csaba Toth is the author of the book Uncommon Sense in Unusual Times (2020), the founder of ICQ Global and the developer of the multi award-winning Global DISC™. I met him virtually at his place in Brighton that almost incidentally became his new home 16 years ago. Let’s discover together what he does in life and what his approach to interculturality is. If you were to give a pitch of Csaba Toth, how would you best describe him professionally?  I will be very concise here: I teach uncommon sense. It is a mindset that allows people to see the same situation from different perspectives so they can make better decisions and they can choose […]

James Bond, the Ultimate Mindful Spy

by Caitlin Krause I must admit, I initially went to see Spectre in the theater for one prime reason: eye candy. Yes, my motivation was all about the external appeal: I wanted to dive into a light panoplied spectacle that’s equal parts engaging and artificial; to lose myself in iconic imagery, and to revel in watching easy-on-the-eyes Daniel Craig as James Bond in the flesh. Why is Bond so palatable, across generations, sexes, cultures and creeds? Bond is as familiar as he is idolized; men want to be him; women want to date him. Or, women want to be him and men want to date him — it actually doesn’t matter how you slice it; he’s an archetype for the ages; a brand’s dream. […]