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Four Advantages of Working for Angie Weinberger

Guest Post by Oyindamola Adedokun, m Working for Angie Weinberger helped me a lot. I had just graduated from studying international relations at the university; I was frantically searching for a role that would give me some global experience. Coupled with that was a desperate desire to find someone who could mentor and guide me in an international setting. On one of those days, when I was surfing the internet to see what opportunity I could get, I came in contact with Angie on Instagram. Unknown to me, she is the managing director of Global People Transitions, GmbH, so I asked that she mentor me in the global mobility field. She graciously requested that I share my resume and informed […]

Thinking about Starting a Business as an Expat Coach?

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My Most Significant Learning in Over a Decade of Running an Expat Coach Business “There’s always an open door.” I started my Expat Coach Business in 2010 with a blog and officially launched two years later, leaving a well-paid career and jumping ship. I learned that there’s always an open door and that whenever I hit a wall, I needed coaching myself, and then more doors would open. This is one of the rare occasions where I spoke about my journey, and in the last few days, several clients asked me for advice on how to start an Expat Coach Business. So, I’m pulling my thoughts together. Please reach out to me for a consultation. Contact Card 2 Starting an […]